It’s officially summer! That means sunshine, and ice cream, and bathing suits, and going to the pool or the beach. I’m actually really excited about summer this year. I’m not where I want to be physically, but I am where I want to be emotionally and that’s what’s important.

I’ve been hitting the gym hard and this week, I’m upping it. I’m adding a riser in step classes and I’m adding weight during my lifting classes. I’m pushing harder and feeling good!

And despite not really running in months, I’m signed up to do the Orlando United 5k this weekend in Lake Mary, because that’s what runners do. All proceeds are going to the One Orlando Fund set up by the City of Orlando. And I can’t be prouder about that.

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Half Marathon, with a side of Half Marathon

Big week this week, and I can honestly say I’m SO EXCITED! It’s going to be a tough one, but totally worth the semi-training and time put in.

A half marathon on Thursday, and a half marathon on Sunday.

Crazy? I was crazy once….

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Answering Your Questions!

A lot of times, I get a lot of questions from people about running. I am always happy to help and willing to do what I can to get other people into the world of running. When I posted that I was looking for questions to answer for another FAQ post, you guys didn’t disappoint! Some really good questions were asked, and I hope that I answered them to your liking.
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Race Recap: Suburu Half Marathon

I’m so behind on everything. I feel like everything is just falling apart, but I’m bound and determined to get caught up again. As for recaps, I’m going to skip ahead to the race I just did. The Thanksgiving Day Suburu Half Marathon!

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Spotlight: tutu’s by Stephanie

Two spotlights in one day – why? Because my girls who make tutu’s and run are AMAZING! This is Stephanie’s story:

Well, I completed my FIRST 5K!! YAY!!! I started running almost 3 months ago. I NEVER thought I’d be a runner, but I LOVE it! I did the Dash for Dad (benefiting Prostate Cancer… my dad’s a survivor) with 3 friends last Sunday, October 14. I made my tutu (blue and green) and my friend’s pink one (thanks to your tutorial)!! What fun!!! I wanted to “go big” for my 1st race. Everyone LOVED the tutu’s!!!

I completed the 5K in 32:05 with a 10:21 min/mile!! 🙂

My friends all finished BEFORE me… but, they came back and finished the race WITH me! 🙂

GREAT JOB, Stephanie! This is an amazing first 5k, and you should be so proud of yourself. You did great!

Spotlight: Tutu’s by Jess

Every time I hear about people making tutu’s for their races, I get excited that people are running and doing it in tutu’s and want to spotlight them. I’m a little late in posting these, but CONGRATULATIONS to Jess and her team, who made and ran in these tutus! How fantastic do they look?

Are you running in tutus? Send me the deets and pictures to idiotrunnergirl@aol.com and you could be spotlighted too!


Race Recap: Tour de Pain

3 races in 24 hours. A 4 miler, a 5k, and a one mile sizzler.

Throw in a migraine and a stomach bug, and you have a very not happy, sluggish, sick racer.

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Running Fierce

While flipping through the pictures from the She Runs LA race, I stumbled across this one, and it kind of blew me away. I mean…I have seen pictures of myself running before and I know that I normally look like hell running a race, but this one? This one stands out.

I look fierce and I look strong. My legs look amazing, and I am actually caught running and not looking like I’m half assing it. My expression shows my determination to rush the finish line and finish strong. Despite dressed in full on 80s garb and a tutu, I feel like I look like a real runner.

Finally. A running picture I’m proud to show off.

This is what running fierce looks like. And I’m proud to finally have it.

Tulle galore!

That’s over $50 worth in that basket. 16 rolls of tulle.

I have 4 tutus I need to make. Two for me, one for Amber who is running the LA run next weekend, and one for Kat who is doing the Run to the Sun with me on April 21.

Be on the look out for a how to make a runners tutu post soon.