Wait, it’s already May?

Okay, so I said I was going to restart everything on May 1. Well, that day came and passed and I didn’t even notice it. And suddenly it’s May 4th and I was like ‘oh crap!’ when did THAT happen? Well, I was out of town for the weekend so that didn’t help things. Seriously, have I been that busy that I missed the start of May? Apparently, I have been. Well, shit.

Seriously, have I been that busy that I missed the start of May? Apparently, I have been. Well, shit.

The good news is, I’m more aware of things now because I’ve taken a moment to slow down and look at what’s happening around me and not just what’s happening in my office or in my textbook. I mean, my schedule is still stupid insane but I forced myself to sit down with a calendar and write out everything that was happening for work and for school out for the month of May. And then I cried because I have zero time.

That’s why I go to the gym so early. 

I have been pretty stable on my weight loss lately, not gaining but not losing either. I know once I start going back to the gym regularly it will start coming off. I want to start this week even though I will be in Washington D. C. for part of the week for work. The hotel is bound to have a fitness center right? And I figure if nothing else, I can do the plank/squat/crunches thing I now have to remake since I missed the first week of May. I’ll do that and my calendar tonight and post it to Insta/FB tonight.

Diet is now active as well. I noticed since being on the Topamax, if I eat a hearty breakfast in the morning, I can eat a late lunch (say… 2ish) and then a small dinner and be good for the day. I don’t know how working out will play into that but I’m willing to check and see. I’m actually hoping it makes me hungry for breakfast earlier so I can eat earlier and maybe eat lunch earlier so I can be a bit hungry for dinner. And actually, you know, eat dinner.

I have tomorrow off actually since I will be working this weekend in Washington D. C. with the SJSO Honor Guard so I plan on really getting things together for work workouts (lifting and yoga only, no cardio!) I figure if I get another basket to keep a pair of shoes, a set of workout clothes or two here, and some dry shampoo and whatnot and stash it on my bookshelf in here I’ll be set. And of course, bring in one of the three yoga mats I have at home.

And for those of you who have asked about my Dad, he has an appointment today to find out what his last cancer scan says. Fingers crossed it’s what we want to hear. ❤ Hocus is doing good, after her fiasco. She has a permanent head tilt from the vestibular attack and the vet said it’s “not that time yet” so I’m happy. And because I haven’t shared one in a while, here’s the latest selfie I’ve taken. 🙂



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