Ending January with a BANG!

Well, then. January just done passed me right by, didn’t it? I didn’t even realize that it’s going to be February next week. When did that happen?

It’s amazing how fast time goes when you keep yourself super busy like that. But I’m okay with the craziness of life because it means we are moving forward. I am in my third week of class, am closer to making it to the gym every day and I’m already looking ahead to February with a smile and a focus like no other.

Getting back into the swing of things is pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

January Goal 1: Hit the gym for a run 2-3x a week, and doing weights the same amount of days. My alarm is set for 5am in order to do that. Follow run plan.

Reality: Well… I did most of that. I ended up not going to the gym at all last week during my training in Daytona because the hotel I stayed at was still under repairs from Hurricane Matthew, so instead, I focused my energy into my classes and training. The rest of the month, I ran at least two times a week and did weights at least once a week. I did lots of yoga as well and stretching in my office/den as I studied. I’ve been doing a Galloway method of reconditioning, where I run for 4 minutes, and walk for 3 minutes. Yesterday I was able to run at 4.3 with my HR not going over 175 which is a great improvement from the beginning of the month. So long as I don’t run with a migraine, I’m feeling solid. Baby steps, folks.

Lesson: One of the things I learned is if I go home after the workout at the gym, I tended to slack off. Check my phone, make coffee and be slow to get a shower and get ready for work. Which, in turn, made me late to work. Bad news bears, y’all. So I’m going to start packing a bag to shower at the gym and get ready there so I can be on the road and headed to work in a reasonable amount of time to get here on time. I also learned that if I leave home and head straight to work and run at the gym here at the Sheriff’s Office, I can shower and get ready here, and then just walk across the sidewalk to my office. Good thing to know on days I don’t actually make it out of bed at 5am.

January Goal 2: Follow Habit Tracker as kept in your pseudo-bullet journal. Included things like: brush your teeth every day, lotion on hands before bed, tea tree oil on face before bed, daily yoga, journal entry, daily meditation, 8 hours sleep every night.

Reality: I did a few things religiously, and a few things fell by the wayside. I brushed my teeth just about every day (now before you judge me, it’s one of the things that falls by the wayside in my super depressed moments) and I did lotion and the Tea Tree Oil just about every night. I took my meds almost every day too, missing a few here and there. But I totally bombed on the daily yoga, daily meditation, journal entry, water intake, and 8 hours sleep every night. Some of those are going to be added to February’s habit tracker.

Lesson: I need to look at my pseudo-bullet journal every day in order to make sure I track everything correctly. I know I’m missing things because I get so busy and don’t remember to do it before bed. It’s important to track things so I know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Also – I need to add tracking my depression days and migraine days.

January Goal 3: Lose 5 lbs this month.
Reality: Started the month at 217 and am down to 212. So that’s a win.

January Goal 4: Read one book.
Reality: Does my textbook count?

January Goal 5: One Race a Month
Reality: Best Damn 10k was a few weeks ago and I ran it with pride! (and a migraine)

SO. January was a semi-success in my opinion. There are things that are well on their way to becoming habits and I’m excited to see how February is going to pan out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to set up my pseudo-bullet journal for February and finish reading chapter 5 and make a list for what needs to be done for the website at work in order to start the rebuild.

QUESTION: Would you be interested in seeing how I am doing my BuJo? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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