Welcome to 2017

The new year officially started 11 days ago. I am 11 days late in the relaunch, and that simply just explains how life has been for me the past few months. The hiatus I took had a lot to do with that. Between work and family, marriage and getting into school, my health and my hopes, I simply had to take some time off and get, as they say, my shit together. It took some time, and it’s going to be a very tight schedule for a while, but I think it’s going to work.

So, here’s what’s new.

getting healthy


My health has not been my priority lately, but that changes with the start of 2017. I need to really put forth the effort to be able to reach my goals and that includes making some major sacrifices and not falling back on old habits. Bringing lunches, drinking tea, stretching and meditation are all on the list. Yoga is too, although that is kind of like stretching. I changed my hours at work so I can go to the gym in the morning. Cardio three days a week, weights three days a week. I haven’t been consistent yet, but every time I go in, I work hard. Sundays are yoga days. I try to have a cup of hot tea every night.

My doctor has upped my BP medication to a full dose once a day. I’m pretty disappointed in myself because I had planned to be off of the medications once it hit 2017. Instead I had to go from half a dose to a full dose. Nonetheless, my doctor told me if I drop some of the weight (okay, a lot of weight. 30 lbs ain’t nothing) and got my cardio conditioning back to where it was before the depression spiral, then I could very well get off of them completely. But until then, it’s medication time.

Nothing has ever inspired me to get my shit together as getting off a medication.

Speaking of depression, I’ve been on two anti-depressants and they seem to be working. It’s nice to finally have something that works. Going to the gym is also helping. I’m not 100% sure as to why, but it helps to go to the gym and sweat. I am going to start keeping a private journal that I write in every day for at least 10 minutes, even if it’s nothing but tracking trends to see if I can figure out if there is a pattern to my dark days.

I was trying to get into graduate school the last few months and was successful. I’m now a student of the Brian Lamb School of Communications at Purdue. I’m going for my MS degree with their online program. (Now you know why I’m getting up at 5am to go to the gym!) Even though I’m only in my first week of classes, I know this hard work is going to be worth it. I just need to be really particular on how I manage my time. School is going to be demanding and trying to balance that, work, family, and gym time? It’s gonna be a challenge. But it will be worth it in the long run.

Speaking of long runs, Kat and I have decided that the Ameris Bank Marathon 2017 is going to be our full marathon. I’m at the point where regardless of what happens, I’m doing the damn race and calling it done. One time thing. It’s in December so I have a year to get prepared. Right now the goal is to get as conditioned as I can so that when training starts in late summer, I will be ready. Because balancing marathon training on top of everything else is just psychotic. And sounds like a challenge.

Anyway, I hope to be more active and be around now that things are slowly falling back into place. It’s been a crazy ride so far, and if you go back in my blog, you know how obsessed I used to be with my running. My goal is to get back to that place slowly but steadily. And confidently.

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey. It’s only going to get wilder.


19 thoughts on “Welcome to 2017

  1. MCM Mama says:

    Life sounds crazy busy for you! Running is my anti-depressant, so it does not surprise me that a good hard sweaty workout helps you. As far the medication, my husband started working out regularly and dropped 40ish pounds and brought his BP from needing medication to the low end of normal. So, it can work, even though it’s not easy. Good luck!

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