We shall begin….

getting healthy

Who knew that we would start September with a tropical storm!? I sure didn’t. It was fun though. Thankfully, Jacksonville got very little damage and St. Johns County had even less. It could have been significantly worse, as the south and east side of the storm was predicted to be much more severe. I’m glad it wasn’t.

It is, however, the beginning of half marathon training! woohoo! I’m actually really excited about it because I need something to focus on. And this is something we all can focus on!

14233098_837265443042164_962113409252621980_nI wrote out my September plan and put it on the fridge so Dreamboat can find it easily. He knows that I am seriously focused on getting “my shit together” as it were, and is being really supportive of everything so the least I can do is write out my schedule and post it where he can find it.

And yes – sex is scheduled for Friday nights. 🙂

I figure if I can combine running and my cross training workouts on Tue – Thu, I can leave Mon/Fri for evenings at home with the boy or go out and play with friends. Yes, I have a weekly chiropractic appointment on Mondays but that’s done quickly. I’m usually out of there by 6:20.

Sunday Rundays are back, and I may or may not be running them outside with Kat. This Sunday would be the first one if we do decide to start running together. Sundays are also my food prep days.

Saturdays are class days, but I can shift the times around if necessary. There is a 10:30am class that I can attend if I stay up too late on Fridays while out with friends or if I have a migraine or whatever.

The one thing I didn’t put in the plan? Yoga. I need to find a way to add in some yoga and some serious stretching to prevent injuries. Sure, I can do it while I am at home after working out and sitting on the floor watching TV with Dreamboat, but I think a class will be helpful in there too.

I do have to move tonight’s class/run though – I have an appointment with my chiropractor and then with the insurance people to figure out some issues we are having. But I plan on grabbing a quick 3 on Friday before I volunteer after work.

Here’s the plan for this week: Half Marathon Training


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