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getting healthy

WordPress is being moody. It wouldn’t let me into my account for anything. Which is stupid, because I’m amazing and my account should love me. Stupid.

ANYWAY – I had a follow up appointment with my doctor last week and we went over a lot of stuff pertaining to my heart and my depression. My BP is down to 119/84 which is insanely good. My pulse is still running a little high, in the 90s, but that’s in the normal range, according to my doctor. I didn’t ask what my weight was and I deliberately turned my head away when I was on the scale so I couldn’t find out what it was. I didn’t want to know. We also discussed that my heart rate shouldn’t go over 165 right now for working out. To me, that’s low, but I don’t know anything – I’m not a doctor.

So it’s with those numbers in mind – with more to come since I had blood work done today – that I start my half marathon training plan. Let the fitness begin!

Half Marathon Training

My plan is complicated. I’ve incorporated my classes in the gym, my miles, my diet, and lunchtime yoga into the mix. I’m still fleshing out the details so I can make sure that it’s perfectly planned. I mean, I work in St. Johns County which is a 35 minute drive from home, and my gym is right around the corner from my home. I’m trying to map out how I can run 3 miles before my class at 6:30 (which is currently taking me about 45ish minutes in my slowness) and still be able to fit in some yoga from time to time.

My workout days are Tue-Thu during the week, and they will be double workouts. Mondays are dedicated to going to the chiropractor, and Fridays are a rest day. Because Fridays. Saturday is a gym day, and Sunday is long run day. My goal is to get the running in before the class starts, and I might have to leave a bit early from work to do so. That way, I have plenty of time to hit the treadmill. No running outside for me (except for the long runs) unless I have to. It’s just too damn hot in Florida this summer.

I’m going to test run this for a few weeks, and if I see that it’s not working out the way I want it to, I’ll start running on my lunch breaks here at work. We have a fitness center that has a weight room and a cardio room. In the cardio room there are treadmills, and in the ladies room there are showers. Not that I would shower necessarily. I haven’t worked all of that out yet, given at any moment I could be called out to go to a scene (and may catch myself being on television giving an interview.) But knowing that it’s there as an option is a great thing that I have no problems taking advantage of.

I’m also going to be tracking my food via MFP again. My doctor wants me to focus on a high protein, low carb diet while slowly eliminating the excess salt. We both really want me off the meds for my BP by the end of next year (sooner if possible) and I’m willing to do just about anything to make that happen. That means, going back to a training diet and sticking to it.

What does my training diet entail? No excess fast food, lots of veggies and fruit, lean meats with a lot of chicken, and no more soda. I love my Coke, but not only is it not helping me in the weight loss area, it’s been making me super hella gassy, and that’s not sexy. It means our grocery bills will be higher because I’ll be buying more meats for both lunches and dinners, and because I need all the veggies. Thankfully I’ve learned that the frozen veggies have pretty much the same nutrient values as fresh does, and the frozen won’t go bad if I don’t get it all eaten in a week. I’m still going to buy some fresh, but having a frozen back up is a great thing.

It also means no more gluten. I had a sub yesterday from Publix for lunch and it was amazing and delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it. I’m also paying for it right now and hating every moment of that feeling. Native Sun has some fantastic GF options for breads, wraps, and cookies that are baked on site so I will be purchasing said items from there if I really need to have breads. (And for the record, Native Sun has a GF version of the oatmeal pie cookies you can get from Little Debbie bigger and tastier. Highly recommend them.)

I plan on tracking all of this in my Fitspiration journal that my best friend Amber gave me for my birthday. It’s kind of like a bullet journal for life that includes fitness stuff. She got it at Target, after I pointed it out to her. It has a section for what I am grateful for, what my fit goal for the day is, what I appreciate about my body, a place to rate my day, and a page for journaling. While I am going to be starting a REAL bullet journal for 2017 (and am researching it on Pinterest) this is a great fitness option for me to use as I train. I’ve posted a link where you can buy one above.

It’s going to be a tough battle – I have 215 lbs of Jamie to compete with, a sedentary office job, a strict time schedule, and a husband who wants to be more social. I also have coworkers who like to eat and go out for lunches, inviting me along. And I have this nasty habit of beating myself up, berating myself for not being as good as I was in 2012 when I was at my fittest. But you know what, I’ve always been up for a good challenge. And if anything is going to get be back to that girl, it’s starting at rock bottom and climbing my way up to the top. I’m ready to get started.





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