It’s a Food Thing.

getting healthy

I love the feeling of sore muscles that prove you worked out hard. Sometimes it’s frustrating to try and stand on legs that feel like jello because you lifted just a little too heavy, or pushed just a little too hard… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s proof that I’m changing my body, that my muscles are being strengthened, my joints are getting looser. It means that I’m doing something amazing and feeling great too.

The sleepiness that follows a hard work out is amazing too. On days I really push it, I sleep hard later that night. I don’t usually move a lot when I’m sleeping anyway, but my Garmin tells me that I am basically dead weight snoring to my hearts content. (Dreamboat says I snore. I say no.)

The part I struggle with, is the food part. Since I’m working out after work 4 days a week, I try to be careful with what I eat and drink during the day and I don’t eat after 4pm so I can have a clear gut for the high intensity workouts I’m doing. But sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

And lately, I’m craving all the sweets I can get my hands on.

It's a food thing

Lunches have been those salad kits by Fresh Express or whatever. Peach Harvest is my favorite. It is a spring mix salad with sliced almonds, dried peaches, and the most amazing peach vinaigrette. So good. But then I go home after work or after a work out and don’t feel like cooking anything and we order take out.

I literally had pizza like three times this weekend.

Dreamboat and I are combating that by forcing ourselves to be smarter about our food choices and doing the necessary food prep. We bought a giant London Broil and cut it in half. That’s dinner for two nights, and he can throw it in the toaster oven when he gets home from work – it’ll be done by the time I get home from the gym. We can make rice and pasta ahead of time, cut up veggies the night before, have things ready to go so its easier to make dinners and we will be less inclined to order in. Foods we like, foods we are looking forward to.

And it’s not because we are too lazy. It’s because we are tired.

The diet is always the toughest part. I have a massive sweet tooth that I am trying to satisfy with grapes and black berries. Its not taffy or chocolate, but that means when I do really want those things it will taste even better. I have Clif Bars in my desk drawer, right next to the Barnie’s Coffee K-cups and the Kool Aid Liquid I use to make Kool Aid at work. I’m eating fruit for breakfast every morning as well. I mean, it’s summer – the time for fruit!

And I’m desperately trying to get my act together about the gluten thing. I mean, logically I know better. It makes me feel like crap, why the hell am I eating it? Because it tastes good. I like bread! I LOVE English muffins! The gluten free stuff just isn’t as delicious as the real thing. But the real thing is doing a number on my gut and it’s time to get it under control. So far, I’ve been doing better. When I can go a week without knowingly eating something with Gluten, I’ll count it as a win. So far, not yet.

I just am impatiently waiting for my appetite to want the same thing my body does – to be fit.


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