getting healthy

It’s been a crazy week with Tropical Storm Colin and work and the puppy and a 3 day migraine. I actually haven’t worked out in about 6 days because of it. It’s against everything that I want to do, and I can actually feel the frustration and guilt building.

Which is why I told Dreamboat that I was going back to my workout regime, including weekends. I said that I had fat to lose. He asked me not to lose all of it. He’s adorable that way.

But seriously, I get so frustrated when my plans get altered and I’m unable to stick to the well thought out schedule that I made for myself, even when it’s something out of my control like a 3 day migraine, or a tropical storm that decided to produce tornadoes in Jacksonville.

I mean, WTF Colin. What’d we do to you??

With Half Marathon training just around the corner, and the first 8 days of June already gone, I’m kind of in a bit of a panic. My goal was to make this month my conditioning month and logically I know I still have time. Emotionally, I’m freaking out because 8 days have gone by and I haven’t kept up my training. The good thing is after a discussion with my amazing husband, that’s changing now.

He knows that getting fit and training for the races I have registered for is a top 5 priority for me. He knows that my frustration at not going straight to the gym after work has less to do with him and more to do with the fact that I am not doing what I need to for my goals. He knows that it means he’ll be cooking dinners or we will be doing some food prep in order for all of us to keep up with our meals and the like. I’m lucky like that.

I’m back to the gym today and I can’t wait! And I talked to Kat and we are going to meet on Sundays to run now, doing 5 miles every morning. Slowly getting back into the running habit.

So long as life is ready to let me do it.

As for the dieting, I hate it but am doing better. I’m eating way more fruit (YAY GRAPES!) and trying to eat more salads during the day with the idea of eating less at dinner. I am still craving french fries though.

I found this amazing salad kit from Fresh Express. Harvest Peach. SO DELICIOUS. I’m eating a bag of it for lunch today it’s so good. I wish I had some grilled chicken to go with it though.

What’s your favorite go to lunch during the summer?


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  1. hellyontherun says:

    I struggle with my diet too. It’s just so easy to get something drive thru, lol! I really like the salads from Chick-fil-a. I don’t know how healthy they are, but they make me feel better about myself, jaja!!

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