It’s game on!

getting healthy

Brian and I spent the weekend in Orlando going to MegaCon. We had a blast, got to meet some awesome folks, and scored a plethora of nerd swag. We also ate to our hearts content, drank a lot, and made sure to enjoy it while we were down there because we both agreed that once we got back from our mini-vacay, we were going to get it in check.

Back to planning our meals, back to working out, back to focus. And it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to do with him on board, I can tell you that!

The family that fits together, stays together?

Brian can’t run because of his knee, so he’s going to jump on the bike at the fitness center and rock out the miles that way. Me, on the other hand, I just mapped out the classes I can make it to during the month of June. Monday is the only day I’ll have to leave work a little early for since class starts at 5:30; all of my other classes are at 6:30 otherwise. I was able to add weight lifting twice a week by moving my long run days to Sundays (hear that, Kat?) and it gives me Fridays as my days off.

I’m also going to participate in the Runner’s World RunStreak. One mile a day, Memorial Day to 4th of July. So I guess that means Fridays aren’t really rest days anymore. I should be able to get a mile in before class during the week (with the exception of Monday, I’ll have to do it after,) do just one mile on Fridays before we head out if we go out, and run after my classes on Saturday. One mile a day, every day, until the 4th of July.

Every little bit helps.
Here’s the plan:

Mon – 5:30 Step and 1 mile
Tue – 6:30 Combat and 1 mile
Wed – 6:35 Pump and 1 mile
Thu – 6:30 Attack and 1 mile
Fri – 1 mile
Sat – 7:30A Pump, 8:30A Step, and 1 mile
Sun – Run Bridges

I’m also going to start tracking my workouts in my handy dandy book that my friend Amber got me for my birthday. I used it once. Because I’m a loser. I need to use it daily. Because I’m a winner.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and got food for the week, including lunches. I also wrote down on the chalk board just what we were having when. I kept it vague because I wanted to give Dreamboat a chance to be creative, but I might have to get specific. With me working out later now, he’ll be eating before I get home. That being said I wanted to give him a chance to make what he wants with what we got in the fridge, but also make sure we use everything that I bought.

We kind of got into the habit of not eating the things we bought and letting it go bad. It’s a bad habit. We need to break that.

Anyway, I got chicken, pork chops, and ground beef. I also got green beans, squash, zucchini, and we still have some potatoes from before. And rice. So meat, veggie and a starch? Done. I also bought A TON of fruit that I am going to get into the habit of grabbing for snacks and lunches. And frozen dinners for lunches. Amy’s Gluten Free ones. It’s just easier than trying to make something to bring. I’m being lazy.

I made our egg muffins again for breakfasts and it was delicious. I forget how good those things are. We’ve been doing egg and sausage, with a hit of basil. Cook up the sausage and cut them up. One per muffin cup. Then crumble up some mushrooms, and shake in some basil. Whip up some eggs and drop them in there, then bake. Ours took about 20 minutes at 350 degrees. I reheat them for about a minute when I get to work and voila! Instant breakfast. This morning I had two of them with watermelon too.

I also may or may not be logging my food into MyFitnessPal. I shouldn’t do it because it goes against everything I believe in, but sometimes you do need to check yourself to make sure you are doing it correctly. I’ll do it for a week here and there then quit. I believe in everything in moderation, not calorie counting.

I think that’s about it this time. What’s your goals for June?



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