Sore feels so good…

getting healthyI’m still super sore from my double workout on Saturday. It’s kind of crazy. I haven’t felt this kind of soreness in a very long time, and it’s almost like a visit from an old friend. I’m excited about it, and seriously frustrated about it.

Excited because soreness means changes are happening, but frustrated because I’ve let myself go so much that a double class actually left me sore and exhausted. It wasn’t like this before. Maybe in the beginning, but not before.

And that’s where I have to stop myself and realize that focusing on the positive is primary. Dwelling on the negative is not conducive to a good relationship with yourself, with fitness, or with life. Accepting your flaws as they are and moving forward with them in the back of your head as lessons is key.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

This week will consist of two step classes, a combat/boxing class, and a weightlifting class. We are heading down to Orlando on Friday for MegaCon with friends, so I plan to maybe run in the morning on the treadmills at the hotel. I haven’t run in a long time so this will be a true test. I was supposed to run a race on Memorial Day but I haven’t registered for it yet. I’m tempted to blow it off and focus on the one I want to do in June.

If I get to the gym early enough on Tuesdays/Thursdays, I do plan to run a few miles on the treadmill before class. Those days, class doesn’t start until 6:30, and it usually only takes me about 45 minutes to get home. I bring my clothes in a gym bag and change at the gym. I can get out quicker that way.

For June, if nothing changes, this will be my work out regime:

Monday – Body Step
Tuesday – Body Combat (miles if I can get it in)
Wednesday – Body Step
Thursday – Body Attack (miles if I can get it in)
Friday – REST
Saturday – Pump, then Step
Sunday – Run with Kat, yoga in the evening

When Half Marathon training starts in July, my work out schedule will have to change some to include the required mileage I’ll have to get in. I’ll be doing Hal Higdon’s Novice 2. I’d drop down to Novice 1 since I’m essentially starting completely over, but I want to believe that the classes I’ll be taking in June will help me build my conditioning up a bit more.

I’ll have to really focus on meal prep – I won’t be home till later in the evening, no matter what I do once training starts. Brian will be eating dinner without me unless he’s out later too. I’m starting to eat a heavier lunch and a lighter dinner since I’m grabbing dinner as late as 8pm on some days. Or, I need to talk to my bosses about moving my hours around so I can leave a little earlier every day instead of just Monday/Wednesday. Either way, adjustments will need to be made. The good thing is, Brian and I are pretty flexible about our timing after work nowadays.

I noticed that I was having issues with my shoes; my pinky toes had gotten really roughed up with callouses and blisters I’ve never had before. I figured it was most likely because my shoes were too big. I replaced my shoes with a half sized smaller pair, and they feel significantly better. So now, I have two pairs of Mizunos that are brand new and never been worn to try and sell off. Since I bought them on clearance, I can’t return them. I’m going to try and sell them on the Facebook site that has running stuff for “cheap or free” and if I can’t get them sold, I’ll donate them and take it as a write off.

I kind of feel excited about all of this. I feel like I’m finally getting into that groove that allows me to focus on me, on my fitness. I’m a sucker for routine, and it’s taken me a while to get into one, but now that I’ve done it a few times I find it easier and easier to do.

I read somewhere that it takes 4 weeks for something to become routine, 6 weeks for you to notice the changes it’s doing, and 8 weeks for others to notice it. Come on, 4 weeks.


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