unplanned break is done!

getting healthy

That was an unplanned break.

The first full week of April was absolute chaos. Work was keeping me incredibly busy, and working crazy like hours to boot. Then, I went on vacation with the Dreamboat to North Carolina where we spent a week doing absolutely nothing planned.  We just did as we felt like doing. It was amazing.

I meant to post a little “hello! I’m not dead yet” post yesterday, but got distracted with reading and cooking. But hey, everyone has their moments of “OMG Seriously self?”

I just have them more often than others.

I’m happy to say that thanks to my tax return and three months of tough saving, I’m finally able to pay my parents back the money I borrowed from them when I was unemployed. I just need to get it all together in one account and get a money order. That means, with the budget that Dreamboat and I put together, there is PLENTY of room for me to have that $71 a month membership at the YMCA. Something I am very excited about. Being able to do the Les Mills classes again is a big deal to me, and doing them while running should help me get back into tip top shape.

I love my new Asics running shoes. They are a moderate shoe, but I wear my lifts (also known as insoles with major support for my very high arch) and that helps. I’m still trying to remember how to run in them but I like them mucho. I want to get a different pair for long runs though, since I’m going to be starting longer than 5 mile runs on Saturdays in about another month or so. Anyone got any good suggestions?

I’ve started cooking again. Now that my class is over, I’m going to try and do  more food prep. Not only for lunches, but for dinners as well so Dreamboat isn’t stuck doing it all by himself. With me working out in the evenings, I think it would be best to have some meals prepped and ready to go. I’m working on convincing him to join the YMCA with me, but he wants to see if I am going to “stick with it” first. Pshhh. If I’m paying for it, I’M GOING.

I’m going to end up missing my April race. I was going to do the Wine and Chocolate 5k this weekend, but I missed the part where it says that it starts at 4:30pm. I’m babysitting my niece and nephew that night for my brother’s birthday and the timing won’t work. So either I find one for next weekend, or I just move on to May. Which I think is what’s gonna happen. There are a lot of May races, right?

Oh yeah. Today? Day one of no soda. Pray it works for me this time.

Let’s see….what else? I think that’s it for now. I’m going to start posting my “It’s A Food Thing” posts again this week too. Slowly but certainly getting back to normal! 🙂


One thought on “unplanned break is done!

  1. hellyontherun says:

    Looks like things are looking up!! I did a 100 Days of Summer challenge a couple of years ago and my challenge was to give up soda (HUGE for me). I made the 100 days and it really helped. I still drink but definitely not as much as I used to. How long do you want to go without drinking it? Maybe I should join you!

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