First Quarter Recap

getting healthy

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is GONE. Did anyone else think the first three months of the year went by way too quickly? A lot of things happened and a lot of work was done. I don’t feel like I’m making major leaps and bounds in my health but I know that small steps are still steps in the right direction.

So let’s take a look back at the first quarter and see what we have going on for the second, hmm?

Looking back at my 2016 goals, I see that I haven’t stuck to a lot of them. I’m not reading a book a month, I’m not doing yoga daily, I’m not editing my writing, I’m not journaling as much as I wanted to. BUT – I am doing things like organizing my condo, getting my meds figured out, and running. Running being the important  part of that.

When I first started back into running this year, I was also battling some of the trials of heart meds. Since being on the Cozaar, running has gotten easier but my heart rate/BP isn’t where my doctor wants it to be yet. But we are working on it. I’m hoping that it won’t require a medication swap because I don’t want to go through those two weeks of getting used to a new medication again, but at the same time I don’t want to have a heart attack either.

My running has been doing better. I’ve been running on the treadmill on Tuesdays before my class and I’ve been able to work on being consistent on my pace. Since doing so, I’ve gotten myself to a consistent 14-minute pace (faster running but walk breaks due to heart rate) and I feel good about that. Over time, my running sections have become longer and my walking sections shorter. I’m watching my heart rate to tell me when I need to take a break. It’s tough. And annoying. But slow progress is still progress.

Right now, I’m running three times a week: two short runs during the week, and a long run on the weekend. My class ends next week, so I’m trying to decide if I want to continue running on the treadmill once a week to help with my pacing or if I want to try running outside each time. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also looking into joining the YMCA. They have the Les Mills classes that I’m obsessed with and the last time I did this whole “I’m gonna get in shape, any way I can” thing, I did classes in the mornings and ran in the evenings. I did a list of classes available at the Brooks YMCA which is right up the street from me, and I think I can make it work if I shift my work outs a little bit. If I go in at 9am instead of 8am, I can hit the 5:45AM classes before work, shower, get dressed, and make it to work on time and still be able to run after. If I leave work at 4pm instead of 5pm, I can hit the 5pm or the 5:30pm classes and still have time to run after work. Doing the doubles won’t be every day, but I want to have the option open. Having Body Pump, Body Step, and Body Flow at my disposal will make this whole thing a lot easier to work out.

And Dreamboat knows if I’m paying for the gym, I’m going. I won’t be wasting money like that. He’ll know. PLUS – I’m trying to convince him to join me. A membership for the both of us is only $100 ish and if I get the First Coast version, he can go to the one right by his job and it can all work out.

PLUS – with the warmer months coming, running outside will become a challenge anyway.

Speaking of warmer months, this makes it the perfect time to start hitting up the farmers market again for fruits and veggies. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out there doing it, but I’m going to get back into it and start using Sundays as our food prep days again. We’ve been eating out a lot lately, and with no real excuse. So that being said, it’s time to clean things up a bit and start cooking again.

I can usually walk away with a full week’s worth of veggies for about $25 when I go to the farmers market. They have a great variety and offer a good amount of food for the money. It just means when I get home, I need to make it a point to do my food prep. Since Dreamboat is usually watching the race, I can do it during the race and not interrupt him.

Emotionally, I feel good. Since changing one of my antidepressants, I feel like I have a better grip on my depression. I still want to get off one of them because I feel like they aren’t helping much but right now, with the Lexapro, I feel calmer. I still have sad days and bad days, but overall I feel good. I have an appointment on Monday with my doctor for an update so I’ll see what happens then.

So that’s my first quarter. I’m excited about the second quarter. I want to take this time to really focus on my conditioning, get my eating and my fitness under a serious routine and get ready for half marathon training starting in June/July. I’m cautiously optimistic that things are finally starting to get to the point where we are back on track of things.

And let’s be real, attitude is 90% of everything we do. 🙂


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