Birthday Facts, 2016

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I started this thing years ago. Every birthday that I celebrate being alive and strong and well, I would do a fact sheet. One fact for every year I had been alive. You can skip this post as it won’t have much about running involved. Or fitness in general. Or even diet. I do talk about life, and living it. And there are tons of other useless bits of information that you might find fantastic and fun.

If you follow me on Twitter, these things are nothing new. Usually, I post all the facts on Twitter and keep it there but this year I’m doing it here.  (and you are following me on Twitter right? Go find me @IdiotRunnerGirl)  If you have questions for me, throw them in the comments and I will answer them!

And without further adieu…. Your Birthday Facts:


Birthday Fact 1: I’ve kind of lost some of my need for coffee. I don’t drink it every morning like I used to, and when I do get it, I noticed I’m not finishing the entire cup. I wonder if leaving tv news is helping limit my coffee needs?

Birthday Fact 2: I crave alone time. I need it to reflect and to focus on the things that are important to me. I haven’t had a lot of it lately because of how Dreamboat and I have our work schedules but I really miss having a few hours to myself at home. I know he does too. It’s something we are going to work on.

Birthday Fact 3: I’ve since been diagnosed with a BP/HR issue (thanks, Dad) and because of that, my running hasn’t been as fantastic as I want it to be. I’ve been prescribed Cozaar which is helping somewhat and still allows me to run, but starting over is a real bitch. I’m hoping that by the time I start half training, I’ll have my conditioning back up to 3 miles, no stopping.

Birthday Fact 4: I still love music, and am always listening to something. I need to make sure I keep the gangsta rap and the vulgar songs on a separate playlist from what I listen to at work, though. I’m seriously considering paying for Spotify simply for the ability to not have to deal with ads and so I can pick the song I want at the time I want it.

Birthday Fact 5: My stress food is still soda. I want all the Coke. Unless it’s from a true fountain, then I want all the Vanilla Coke. And Dr. Pepper. And Cheerwine. #AllTheSoda


Natural Life hat. Yes…..

Birthday Fact 6: I will buy kid shaped chicken nuggets at the grocery store now for a quick snack that involves protein. I have no shame. I love those dinos.

Birthday Fact 7: My new job is working with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office as their Social Media Tech. It really should be their digital media since I also do website and other digital work, but I do love it. It’s slower than TV and I’m still getting used to that, but I feel more useful and wanted there. Plus the stress level is way down. Always a plus.

Birthday Fact 8: We bought a PS4 last year, and since then I’ve become somewhat of a game junkie. I currently adore Call of Duty Black Ops even though I suck at it, and I want to play Last of Us more but the clickers freak me out at night. Hello, 13-year-old Jamie.

Birthday Fact 9: Since joining the SJSO, I’ve decided that I really want to get my concealed weapons permit and I really want to get a gun. Or maybe more than one. A small one I can run with would be a good idea, especially given how the crime rate in Jacksonville has gone up lately. I would only carry it if I was running alone, which lately has been a lot.

Birthday Fact 10: Dreamboat works for Peterbrooke Chocolate as the plant manager and now there is always some kind of chocolate confection in the house. Right now, we have raspberry and orange chocolates, dark chocolate salted caramels, and dark chocolate spiced toffee. We also have three tubs of chocolate covered popcorn and a dark chocolate Easter egg, but that’s going to the family gig later today.


Birthday Fact 11: I love a good debate so long as the debate is done maturely and responsibly. People who argue and get mean and nasty aren’t in it for the debate, they are in it because they need to be jerks. I ignore those people.

Birthday Fact 12: Depression is an awful thing to live with, and I am lucky to have a few close friends that I know when things get really rough I can call on them and they can help me. I don’t want advice, I don’t want to be told what to do to fix an issue, I just want someone to listen to me and tell me that I’m not what I feel I am. I am grateful that more and more people are starting to pay attention to mental diseases, and am committed to being a voice that will fight for those who are suffering and need help. There are many causes I support including TWLOHA and Always Keep Fighting.

Birthday Fact 13: We are currently in the process of redecorating our condo. We are going to turn our office into a den, redo the carpets in our living/dining room, and maybe even change some light fixtures around the condo. I want to do as much as we can ourselves.

Birthday Fact 14: My best friend Heather and I send each other song lyrics to songs we are obsessed with at the moment. I sent her the lyrics “I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care. I love it!” one time and then had to explain that I didn’t REALLY crash my car. My driving history states that I could have actually done that.

Birthday Fact 15: My best friend Heather and I also send each other care packages each month. Last year, each package had to include a coffee cup and things that are local to our cities. (She’s in NC.) This year, we are doing color themes. I’m behind a month so when I ship out her April box, I’m sending February too. This is our way of keeping in touch and it’s been so much fun!


Mandatory hair net selfie at the Peterbooke plant!

Birthday Fact 16: I have a nerd shelf at work. Right now it has 3 Olaf’s, a lego dragon, a couple owls, a Raving Rabbid, a mini Honda Fit, the Blerch, and a few other things. I want to add my dancing Groot, but haven’t yet. I just got a blue stuffed Peep and he is going to work tomorrow. I’m considering bringing in my Pop Funko “The Crow” doll too.

Birthday Fact 17: Brian and I are going to MegaCon in Orlando this year, and we are going to go broke getting photo ops and autographs. Yes, friends: We are big nerds. You can learn more about MegaCon here.

Birthday Fact 18: I have a niece and a nephew on my side (with a niece on the way!) and two nieces and a nephew on Brian’s side.

Birthday Fact 19: My updated favorite TV shows currently are: Suits, Supernatural, Black Sails, Satisfaction, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, NCIS, anything with Anthony Bourdain, How It’s Made, Outrageous Acts of Science. I’m looking forward to seeing how Morgan Freeman’s new show about God is going to go, as well as The Girlfriend Experience.

Birthday Fact 20: I won’t take you seriously if you can’t use your words correctly. This goes for grammar as well as spelling. Sorry, but yes I am judging you.


Birthday Fact 21: I’m discovering there are more beers out there that I like. My current obsessions include Sam Adams Summer Ale (and the Cold Snap that isn’t available) and the Nitro Project Coffee Stout.

Birthday Fact 22: Brian and I are taking our first vacation together, just the two of us, in April. It’s been YEARS since we’ve done that. Usually, we travel with either set of parents, or sometimes both. Time is short, and we don’t want to miss time with them – but I have been craving some alone travel time with the Dreamboat so I’m excited.

Birthday Fact 23: One of the things I don’t like about working a government job, is now I have to be professional with my looks. Dressy clothes, heels, natural colored hair… I really miss being able to go to work in jeans and flip flops, with my purple highlights. Oh well, I’ll do it when I retire.

Birthday Fact 24: I have an obsession with Olaf from Frozen. He was on my birthday cake this year. And I got a giant Olaf for Hanukkah last year. And I adore him like he adores warm hugs.

Birthday Fact 25: I miss writing. I haven’t done it in a long time, and need to start spending some time doing it daily. I still want to get my stories published.


The first time I was able to ride in the SJSO Chopper was FUN.

Birthday Fact 26: I love owls. Like, really really love owls. I always have, and am kind of excited that they are super popular right now because I’m getting tons of owl stuff.

Birthday Fact 27: I really want to make a dream catcher. I don’t know how but I figure, I learned how to make an eye of God with yarn and sticks, a dream catcher should be easy.

Birthday Fact 28: When Dreamboat and I finally find a house we like, I’m demanding we get a 4 bedroom home. That way we have our bedroom, the guest room, and we each get a room to do whatever the hell we want with. He can have his man cave and I can have my hippie chambers. It’s stupid, but it’s what I want.

Birthday Fact 29: I hate the color pink, but I’m noticing that I am starting to own more and more pink stuff.

Birthday Fact 30: I adore tropical vacations. I prefer cruises because we get to have a variety of locations, but will totally go anywhere for a week. I really love to travel and want experiences over things.


Birthday Fact 31: I’m slowly realizing that I am some kind of beautiful.

Birthday Fact 32: I want to get a professional bike, and train to ride in the Police Unity Tour next year. I know some of the guys who are doing it and it seems like an amazing adventure.

Birthday Fact 33: I currently own far too many journals and am so happy with it, it’s stupid. I also need to stop buying so many pens but they are just so awesome. I need fine tip pens and amazing journals in my life.

Birthday Fact 34: Dreamboat and I have a thing for lizards. They bring us good luck. It’s a really long story as to why, but we always have a lizard nearby now. In fact, we have a metal one hanging over our front door. He’s a good luck charm.

Birthday Fact 35: One year, long long ago – we had a fire in our apartment that turned into a flood. Since then, I’ve been particular about making sure that we are safe in our home even though the fire was caused by something the apartment maintenance team did and not of our own cause.

Birthday Fact 36: I’m finding my happy. And I’m enjoying the ride.


I miss these sunglasses! 😦 I stepped on them and broke them


6 thoughts on “Birthday Facts, 2016

  1. Dawn Stacey Ennis says:

    Number 31 actually made me tear up. You are, you really are! I loved this! So, thank you for sharing and enjoy every moment, with your dreamboat, yourself, and your job. ❤

  2. Anna says:

    Y’all have Cheerwine in Florida? That’s the one soda that I still haven’t lost my taste for after giving them all up 3 years ago. I really enjoyed your list, and I like the idea of themed care packages with your friend. My bestie lives in Cali (I’m in NC).

  3. Tiffany says:

    Always #31 and the care packages are a great idea!!!! What s great way to reflect on what really matters- true happiness! #cheers

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