getting healthy

(NOTE: I’ve been trying to post this since Monday. FTW)

So I inadvertently went MIA. I really didn’t mean to. Between work and fixing my medication malfunctions, I guess I kind of dropped off. But now – it’s time to buckle down and use what I know to get things done.

And since Kat and I are in the same “Holy Shit we are starting over AGAIN!?” boat, we are doing it together. Which is a new old thing for me. I went from being pretty adamant about running alone and without someone to being at ease running with Kat.

Let me explain everything and see if it makes sense…

Okay first – medication: You already know about the drama that came from being on the beta-blocker. I was put on a different medication that is potassium based. Cozaar or something like that. When I first got on it, there were issues with side effects. I was dizzy, I was tired, and I had to wait till my body adjusted to the meds so my heart rate and BP would level out. I was on 25MGs for the first two weeks, and then I upped it to 50MGs. So far, so good. It’s certainly been easier to go out there and work out knowing that now my heart rate will rise like it should. The only issue I have with the meds right now is that my breathing is still off. When I looked at the side effects, it did say that it would be hard to get air in when my HR is elevated. I’m hoping that as I train and get back to healthy, that becomes easier.

I also took the time to find out my max HR while working out. I can’t really go over 185 bpm, at least not right now. Challenge accepted.

Second thing – Kat and I have rediscovered running together. We used to do it a lot but haven’t in a while because of our work schedules. After the first of the year, we both decided that we wanted to start working out again…or, at least, do our long runs together. We used to run together all of the time. Over the Saturdays that we had been running together, we reconnected. It had been months since we really ran together, so we talked about what we had been doing in our life while we had been apart and I realized how much I had missed running with her and just dumping everything on someone who would get it, not offer advice and just let me vent. I always did the same for her.


These two out of shape runners who are fighting to get back into top running shape have decided to run the 2017 26.2 with Donna. Let the training begin! @262withdonna ‪#‎IdiotsFirstMarathon‬ ‪#‎ShesMyIdiot‬

We’ve been friends for over 20 years, we know each other pretty well but you can always learn more.

We ran together with the beta-blockers, and then we ran together with the potassium med. We talked about how we let ourselves go and how we hate ourselves for it. We talked about what we want to get back to and how we want to make that happen. Then we decided to run the 2017 Donna Marathon. Because we are crazy. The good thing about making that decision though is that we both have the race as our goal and the focus to get us there. I have the nutrition understanding thanks to almost a year and a half with a nutritionist to help me figure out my diet woes, and she has the fitness focus thanksk to her husband who is also a PE teacher. So we are helping each other out.

Third thing – Making March my bitch. I planned out my months March through May with miles, races, cross training, and yoga. It’s not a lot of running and just a few races, but everyone has to start (again) somewhere. My goal for March is to really focus on conditioning. My breathing is going to be messed up slightly thanks to the medication (what meds actually say “may have issues inhaling during activity” as a side effect?) so it’s slow going for now, but my goal is to be able to really kick it into high gear in April, and then focus on preparing for Half training by May. Kat and I are keeping each other in line by text daily to let each other know we are sticking to the plan, as closely as we can and making this a serious priority. Below is the months, and the weight loss goals:


January was a bust, and February was spent working out my meds. So March, time to make you my bitch. ‪#‎gettinghearthealthy‬


So it’s on like Donkey Kong. Time to get my shit together and start making the necessary changes that don’t include the dizzy, hazy loss of mindfullness that medications can do to you. This is the start. I hope you enjoy the ride!


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