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Earlier this morning, I weighed myself. I try to be very careful when it comes to weighing myself because I have a tendency to become very obsessed with the number I see on the scale. But I knew since I was basically starting my fitness journey all over again, knowing what my weight was at the start of it is the only way to judge improvements. And once I got on the scale I got frustrated and disappointed.

I saw what the scale said at the doctor’s office two Thursdays ago, and then again last Tuesday but I didn’t realize how close that number was to the actual number. Major bummer, Batman. BUT – I refuse to dwell on it negatively. Becuase a start is a start and this is my new start.

And the best way to measure your progress is to know where you are starting from.


The whole part of my doctor appointments, aside from establishing a new relationship with a new doctor, was to discuss the high blood pressure I seem to have developed over the past year. It’s a new thing, this high blood pressure. We’ve had some near misses and some slightly high revelations but to have it consistently at a very high couple of numbers for a few months…the doctor was concerned. In fact, the words the doctor said were “I’m concerned you are going to have a heart attack.”

Well then. That sounds horrifically awful. Let’s not do that, hmm??

Given the family history of health problems, specifically with the heart, we decided to get on a low dose BP medication to try and get my numbers down. I’m not happy to be on it, and we discussed how losing weight could help drop my blood pressure, but given I have not had high blood pressure in the past when I was at 200 lbs before it’s unlikely that just losing weight and changing my diet will be the only answer. I might very well have to be on the medication for life. I’m hoping that’s not true.

So now I have a whole new focus on why getting back into running shape is important.

I got myself a Garmin VivoSmartHR to track my heart rate and my sleep and my steps. I’m still learning how to use it, but I absolutely love it. (It was also my YAY you paid off your credit cards! present) My name is @IdiotRunnerGirl. If you use a Garmin product and are connected using Garmin Connect, come find me and let’s connect.

Kat and I ran together this past Saturday for the first time in a long time. I forget how much I enjoy running with her. She has the habit of talking the entire time we are running and understands that I’m not going to answer every time, and distracts me in a way that music usually does. I usually hate running with people, especially people who think they are being supportive but aren’t, but Kat and I have known each other for more than 25 years and there is just something about having someone who knew you through puberty that makes doing crazy things together easier.

We agreed that we were going to start pushing each other to run during the week and then get together on Saturdays to get miles in together. We are also adding a workout regime that I found on the Gainesville Police Department Facebook page. It’s like a body weight cross fit routine, and I think it’s something we can do on Mondays and Fridays.


Most people don’t know how to start over when they fall. I’ve done it a couple of times already and this time, it will be different. Kat and I have our own personal goals for why we are pushing our way back to our top shape, but ultimately the decision is always for your health and well-being. I want to look good naked, feel good in my own skin, and get off these BP meds. She wants to get back to marathon status, lose some weight, and get strong. Together we want to be fitter people than we are now.

So let’s get to that. This week looks like this:

Monday – No workout, dinner with Grandma
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 4 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Friday – G’ville Workout
Saturday – 6 miles
Sunday – Rest

Let’s get this party started.



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  1. littlemoreeachday says:

    Even if losing weight doesn’t bring your blood pressure down, doing all of the good things like exercise and eating right will help counter the risk of the high blood pressure a bit. Good luck! I wasn’t expecting my BP to come down when I lost weight for the same reasons you’ve said – family history and the fact that it hadn’t always been high even though I’d been overweight for a long time – but it did so fingers crossed that your exercise and diet changes help you too. Hope the new medicine goes well.

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