Hello, 2016 (1)

While the new year started 10 days ago, I feel like I’ve been going a mile a minute. On the first of the year, Dreamboat’s parents came down from South Carolina and whisked us away to a cruise vacation as our Christmas present from them. Then, as we got back from the trip, I got hit with the worst allergy reaction (and the quickest, if I’m really honest) and have been laid up with sinus hell. (I’m on a combination of Claritin, Flonase, Saline solution, and hot green tea.) I’m also still nursing a banged up tail bone from a major fall I took on New Years Day thanks to being stupid and wearing flip flops. That pair has since been thrown out.

The in-laws left today, and instead of taking a few hours to be lazy, Dreamboat and I jumped into the kitchen and did a major purge. We cleaned out the fridge, the freezer, the pantry… we have four bags of trash to go out. Then we tackled our bedroom closet. We have a giant pile of stuff to go to Goodwill and another bag of trash. He ran off to Belk to buy some work pants and I sat down and did some work for my job here at home.

And now … now I have a chance to sit down and think about my plans for 2016. 

The year is already starting out on the right foot. I had a good vacation with the in-laws and this month’s payment to my credit cards is the last one in a very long 5 year battle of paying off over $30,000 in credit card debt. That alone has given me a boost in financial security and mental sanctity. Top that off with finding my current running shoes on sale (okay, on clearance) and being able to score 2 pairs, getting more work appropriate clothing, new underwear, and a few new running pieces and not going into debt to do it – I feel strong and ready.

My goals for 2016 aren’t anything drastic and overpowering. Some are carry-overs from 2015 given how much of a failure that year ended up being for the list. Simple things like reading a book every month or doing a massive purge of useless items, to complicated things like my running time goals or finding a way to get my books published after I edit them down … 2016 is a year of change for me. You can find my full list of goals here.

As for running specifically – I’ve broken down some of the plans I’ve started with for this year. I do have a list of races I plan on doing and/or are already registered for listed above as well. My goal is to really focus on making running a priority in my life again. I know Dreamboat has no interest in running anymore, but his support of my running is incredible. Not only is he always sending me out to go run when I get home from work, he’s always texting me good luck messages on race mornings when I am getting close to the start time. Then, when I get home he always asks me how I did and how I feel. He won’t kiss me till I take a shower, though, not that I blame him.

Anyway – I’m planning on going over my running plans for the next few months in order to add a few days in there. I have been blowing off Mondays as a rest day, per the Hal Higdon plan, but I think I want to make Sunday my rest day and run on Mondays. That way, I can have one day where Dreamboat and I can be lazy together. It also gives us a day of food prep and whatnot. Also, I know that Fridays are rest days because of Saturday being a long run day – but a couple of miles on Friday here and there isn’t bad right? That is, of course, assuming we have no plans. After Dreamboat being at work for three months straight, I know we have a few date nights with our friends coming up.

My plan for this week is as follows: 

Monday – No run (Peterbrooke Corporate Dinner)
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 4 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – BDR 10k (Yes, I dropped to the 10k from the half. I needed to for my health.)
Sunday – Rest

I’m glad I took the weeks off that I did, and am ready to get back into the swing of things. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages when my Grandfather died. I appreciate your kindness. It made December very tough, having his death come when Dreamboat AND my FIL was in the hospital. The time off was spent making sure my family was okay, taking some time to grieve, and doing some soul searching myself. I feel much more centered and focused now.

Sound a little new-agey? Yeah. But it’s true so what can I say?

Tell me one of your goals! 



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