Hello, December…



And in a blink of an eye, it’s suddenly December. Radios are filled with Christmas carols, shoppers are out and about scouring the stores for the perfect gift for their loved ones, twinkling lights are strung up on rooftops, and it’s still in the high 70s in Florida.

Despite everything, I’m really excited about December.

It’s usually my favorite month: The temps are finally dropping and that means cooler running, the holidays usually mean happier people, and I’m a big holiday freak. Granted, we aren’t exactly doing anything for the holidays this year except for sleeping in and spending time with each other – a rarity right now – but I’m excited nonetheless.

And after two slow but successful races at the end of November – I’m feeling more positive and motivated than ever.

I went into the two races with no expectations, and had to remind myself of that repeatedly. It wasn’t about time, it was about finishing with a smile on my face…and I did just that at the Suburu Half and at the Space Coast Half. I forgot how much fun racing could be! I’m going to have some race recaps up for you later this week, because I am really excited to tell you about the races. No really, I totally am. I seriously had some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

But for December, I don’t really have any races on the calendar. I mean, there are a couple that I could do if I wanted to. There is the Jaguars Stache Dash 5k, and there is the Reindeer Run Half/5k (i’d do the 5k for sure…) but if I don’t register for them and skip races in December, I’m okay with that. I just want to get out there and run in the cooler weather and enjoy myself.

I am missing out on the Runner’s World Run Streak right now though. I tore a hole in my shorts during the Space Coast Half on the inseam of my shorts, and I thought I had yanked them up high enough to avoid the chafing. I didn’t, and I am currently nursing one of the worst chaffing experiences I have ever had. Seriously. It’s awful. Horrific. Totally ranking up in the top 3 worst chaffing experiences ever, along side of the Jax Bank Marathon Failure (which was run mostly in the rain) and one of the first times I ever ran a half and I chaffed THAT PART of a female which should NEVER be chaffed. Ever.

Right now, I’m still treating an open wound when usually it’s scabbed over and on the way to healing by now. So not okay. So painful. And Neosporin with pain relief burns. (pain relief my ass) And I look like an idiot walking in my khaki’s and they scrape against it. Today, I bought some extra large pad like bandages to put over it and I’m heading out to run tomorrow. I want to keep up the go go go while I have it in my system.

For now, I am shopping for my Secret Idiot gift exchange with the Idiots Running Club and I’m scouring for some more lighted stuff for running at night and found these awesome spurs and I’m totally buying two of them. Maybe more since they are half off right now.

And for those of you who follow me on Instagram – I promise I’m still around. I’ve been so lazy with updating my own stuff. I’ve been all over Pinterest lately tho. And on Facebook. Come chat with me! 🙂

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