Hello, November. How ya doin?

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47. That’s how many miles I ran in October. I didn’t run every mile I had planned, and I didn’t get out there as often as I had wanted to, but it’s still impressive to me. Because it’s the most miles in a month I have run this year. And that’s a big deal, give the circumstances.

I’m proud of that number. It’s a sign of many things, including the fact that I really am rediscovering that love for the run that I had before when I had my “shit together” as some people so eloquently put it. I look forward to coming home and changing clothes, and when I start running I just start slowly and die the first quarter mile as I try to get my breathing under control again (I thought your body was supposed to remember things like that) and then I find a cadence I like and just go. I don’t do it for time, I do it for distance and for the love of the run.

And now that it’s November, and 22 days till my first half marathon of the fall/spring season…well, I need to cling to that like it’s nobody’s business.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a competitive person. I’ve said before that I could win an ice cream eating contest hands down, I challenge myself with games of wit that I can use to beat my friends in, and I’ve always tried to run as fast if not faster than certain people I know. That last one usually gets worse when it comes to racing. Races are filled with excitement and challenges for yourself; wanting to show that all the work you did training paid off.

I know when I get to the race early Thanksgiving morning, I’m going to be trying to psych myself up for some insane goal time that I know I won’t be able to do. And I know that I will end up disappointed because I am no where near conditioned enough to make that specific time goal, because that’s just how I am. So the goal for November is to make sure to remind myself that it’s not about timing, it’s about getting to the finish line.

And that will be hard. It’s hard for anyone who had previously felt like a rock star doing the thing she loved having to take a step back (or a few steps back) and realize that she has to rebuild to get to that point. There is a part of me that absolutely hates the fact that my run times have been as long as they have been on my training runs and that I have YET to have a good long run. But that’s part of rebuilding.

I have an injury to consider. I’ve got more weight on me than I had back then. I have a new job, and I am changing my routine to fit that job. There are things that come along with the changes that hinder speedy progress. But that’s MY challenge to overcome, and that’s part of rebuilding and finding the love.

About now is when I want to start singing “Where Is The Love” by the Black Eyed Peas… so let’s move on to November’s goals before I bore you more with my random ramblings of psych warfare.

Planksgiving: Okay, so I’m wanting to find some new and fun things to do with my time since Dreamboat is working nights for the foreseeable future, and while I could totally waste every hour of every day doing things online I wanted to find a more productive thing. So I ventured onto Pinterest and found a one month plank challenge. Starts out at 20 seconds (which I already missed, thanks to family business) and lasts the entire month. I’m going to make a calendar (look for it on my Instagram!) and mark off the days that I follow through. If nothing else, hopefully it will strengthen my core a little bit. Maybe tone the arms up too.

Feel Better Jamie: I don’t know how long it takes to “detox” from a toxic situation. What I do know is I’m freaken tired lately. Like really tired. And it could be just because I’m running more now and my body is freaking out despite it remembering that it did this in the past. Or, it could be that I’m still detoxing and my body is still adjusting to the new vibe I am pushing it towards. Either way, I don’t like feeling tired all the time so I’m making it a goal this month to track stuff and figure out what the issue is. Because I like sleep, but I don’t like being tired.

Run, Idiot. Run: Two half marathons this month, both in four days time. That being said, I’m going to try my damnedest to make sure that I get my miles in this month. I won’t be all of them, I know things will come up…but I have to do the long runs at least. I’m investing in some gear that will let the drivers know I am there since it’s now dark when I go run so I really have no excuse unless it’s thundering and lightning. Because then I won’t go.

Namaste, bitches: I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually MISS yoga. I miss the music, I miss the stretching, I miss the clarity it gave me and how it stopped my racing mind. I got away from it and really need to go back because it was peaceful and relaxing. And it helps with tension which seems to be building in my shoulders and neck again, which is awful. Thank God for Desk Yoga.

#MonthOfThanks: I’m doing this on my personal page, not the IRG running page – but I guess I could share it there too. I want to post each day what I am thankful for. It helps keep me grounded and realize that the little things matter even if they don’t to the others involved.

So that’s it! Easy goals for the month. What goals do you have?


2 thoughts on “Hello, November. How ya doin?

  1. fairytales and fitness says:

    Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I’ve had to over come a serious injury (or 2), and have different things that have changed in my life therefore my running is no where where it use to be pre-injury, but i’m getting there.

    Hope this November goes well for you and that you do awesome at your half marathon!

    • jljohnson says:

      Thank you! And it’s so hard to bounce back but as long as you make the journey just as important as the goal, it’s a pretty exciting ride. 🙂 I hope you are doing better!

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