Half Marathon Training – Playing Catch Up

Being busy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Being busy means you have friends and family that want to spend as much time with you as they can, and it makes time fly by, and you get to do a lot of stuff with cool people. We’ve been on vacation, and then we had Brew at the Zoo which was a lot of fun (I learned that I like Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest beer best) and then I had to work last Saturday, and then I had a bridal shower, then I had to work and cover the National Night Out and trying to run during this time too and you know what? I’m tired.

And that is one of the disadvantages of being busy. You get tired, and trying to fit in all of your runs gets tricky. I was supposed to run 4 yesterday, but ran 3 instead because I put it off on Tuesday because of National Night Out. So tonight I need to run 4 miles, but I’m so tired! Then tomorrow I am supposed to run 3, and on Saturday I’m supposed to run 8.

And this – this is when all of you tell me to slow down, and take it easy.

Running right now is more about rediscovering it and getting back into the swing of things. I don’t do it for time, and I’m trying to retrain my body to remember how much we love to do this. Last night, despite being in a horrible mood and feeling grouchy, I forced myself out the door and grabbed three miles. My breathing was harsh, and I felt heavy but my timing and pace was pretty steady for a slow easy run. I was smiling at the end of it which was the key.

Then a friend of mine sent me a message about how the time he ran at his race was faster than my run last night, and how this person didn’t think they would ever be faster than me. NOTE: last weekend he ran a race, last night I just ran 3 miles. I’m sure that this person didn’t mean it to come off as bragging, even though I called him out on it, but after showing it to two other people they agreed. He was bragging.

My good mood tanked. I don’t mind that someone wants to brag, but there is bragging without making the other person feel like shit.

Today, I’m a bit more focused. Nothing like a shitty comment to really kick your competitive side in the ass and get it moving. Granted, it isn’t going to change how I am training for my races coming up. I need to train in the way that can allow me to not inflame the already injured foot (Damn you PF!!) and also allow me to really train my body and my lungs so that a steady 11:30 pace is doable.

When I was running last night, my pace continued to speed up to the 11 minute range, and if I could keep it there things would be great. But it’s about retraining yourself. I can keep up an 11 minute pace for about a quarter mile and then I need to walk a bit so I can catch my breath.

But things are getting better, and that’s what is most important.

In other news, I’m back down to 196. The vacation weight has been shed! Huzzah! My next goal is 190.

No graphic on my schedule this week because I’m feeling lazy.

Today – 4 miles
Friday – 3 miles
Saturday – 8  miles
Sunday – SLEEP.

I miss you guys. Hope you are as busy as I am. 🙂


One thought on “Half Marathon Training – Playing Catch Up

  1. Becky says:

    That is so awesome! You go girl!! Do it for yourself…
    This is Becky, I had the migraine surgery 3 weeks ago so I’m off from running for awhile. It’s killing me to not run, but also I have to recover. i have been migraine free since the surgery! Now I’m just dealing with strange nerve sensations and a numb head lol! I’m waiting for the ball to drop and my migraines to come back because I’ve had them all my life, and I don’t know how to think any other way yet. Thank you for telling your story and giving me hope and courage to go threw with the surgery!

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