Half Marathon Training: Back at it

Half Marathon Training (2)

Between being sick and being on vacation, I haven’t run. At all. And the weird thing? I don’t feel guilty about it. Or at least I didn’t feel guilty about it.

Being sick was awful. It started as an ear infection and congestion and ended with me wanting to destroy everything in my chest…. and I didn’t even have chest congestion. I felt like I was coughing my lungs up thanks to the Mucinex I was prescribed to take and while my coughing has lessened dramatically because I stopped taking Mucinex… I’m still coughing. It’s been two weeks.

I was coughing on vacation. In the middle of eating, of swimming, of BREATHING… I couldn’t even sleep through the night and it got so bad at one point I had given myself massive muscle spasms. So the week leading up to vacation I didn’t run because I couldn’t stop feeling awful to do it. Then when we got to St. Martin, I wasn’t sleeping because I couldn’t stop coughing and I could barely stay away through the entire day let alone go for a run.

I did go hiking though. And we walked just about everywhere. And I only gained about 5 lbs of “not real weight” according to my friend Regan. So now, I’m jumping into training with absolutely zero running in the past two weeks. What could go wrong?

Before you start lecturing me about how stupid of an idea this is, let me remind you that this training has nothing to do with time or pace and has everything to do with rediscovering my love for running. I really do want to make it a habit that I run after work every day, it’s just going to take some time to remake our schedules and habits and some sacrifices. If this sounds like something you have heard before, you are right: I’m pretty sure I’ve said it repeatedly. But I have a supportive husband and (some) supportive friends who understand how important it is for me to go run and really get back into things so that’s all that matters right now.

I’m finding happiness. Peace of mind. Excitement in the simple act of going to run. I’m not going to let anyone take it away from me now that I’m finally finding it again.

October is going to be a busy month for me, and I’m going to have to get creative in getting all of the miles in. I did just start taking ClaritinD and one of the side effects is sleeplessness, so if that sticks, I might actually get up at 4am to run before work but for right now after work and late at night are my options. I run by myself since I can’t run with my husband or my old partners so I’m flexible that way but seriously – this needs to F*(KING happen.

Anyway, now that I’m done babbling like an idiot over here – here is this week’s schedule. See you on the road! Half Marathon Training


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