Half Marathon Training: Starting Again

Half Marathon Training (2)

So things have changed and it’s always a fun time when that happens. With a new job comes new hours and responsibilities, and with that comes a new plan. And with a new plan comes changes in the personal life with timing. Then throw in the social life around races I want to do, and the issues that comes with that.

I’m about to go into psycho planning mode, I swear.

I work about 35 minutes away from my condo, and I already wake up at 6am to leave the condo at 7am and have enough time to grab coffee on my way to work. I am here 8am – 5pm, and then I go home which is another 35 minutes. So I usually get home just before 6pm. I then throw on clothes and head out. Since I’m starting over, I’m in the 13 minute mile area so that means slower runs and that means closer to 7pm when I’m home. 3 days a week.

Thank God I have an awesome husband who understands how much running means to me.

Now that I’m back in the right mindset, and have a firm understanding that I’m rebuilding and doing this for fun, training will be easier. I’ve mapped out a plan that includes Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 routine, and I’m taking Mondays and Fridays off just like the plan says. One of the biggest issues people have is trying to do too much and I know that was part of my issue. Therefore, we start slow and we start with 4 days a week running. My cross training can be riding the bike in the fitness center or walking Hocus, or just walking myself. Either way, I need to do this better than the failed attempts in the past.

There’s a fitness center here at work: there’s a cardio room and a weight room. I really want to get into the habit of doing weights twice a week on my lunch breaks, but again – too much too soon means I’ll fail. So maybe I’ll start that after the first of the new year when I’ve got my running under control.

Timing and planning is a toughie here too: In the process of Brian and I working on our marriage, we agreed that sometimes being responsible sucks and we’d rather hang out with friends than clean our place or do food prep. And one of his biggest concerns is my running taking time away from hanging out with friends. Truth is – it will. It will take time away from friends. On the nights before big races, I’m not going out and I’m not going to drink. But realistically, we can still go out the night before a long run. I will just run a little later, and won’t drink. I made a list of races and put them on our shared calendar on our phones so he knows when they are and we can go from there. But I want to do this.

So here we go. Again. There is no shame is starting over, only in giving up. And I refuse to give up, because I know I can do this. I did it before. I’ll do it again.

My training technically starts next week, and it looks like this:

Half Marathon Training

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