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I got the job!

After applying and going through all of the steps which took two months to do, I have finally been hired for the social media tech position at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office! And I am so excited!

This job will have lots of challenges and I can’t wait to get started. It’s still social media, but it’s for a whole new client and working for the government has given me some really amazing chances to further my career. The benefits are amazing, the perks are pretty fantastic, and guess what? The campus I will be working at has a gym on site! They have a weight room and a cardio room, and the ladies locker room has showers in it.

I’m also excited to participate in the wellness programs they have available for employees. Things like Weight Watchers at Work options, cooking demonstrations, and more. They are going out of their way to make sure that their employees are working on making sure each person is the best version of themselves. Which is a huge difference than any other job I have ever had.

Another plus for this new gig is the lack of quick grab and eats nearby. That means I have to bring food with me for lunch and snacks, and that means healthy eating since we quit bringing junk food into the house. Raw almonds, fresh fruit, and some gluten free cracker snacks are perfect for snacking and some can be kept at my desk. They have water filter machines in all of the break rooms too.

Oh! And I get a lunch break! I have no idea what that is, but I’m excited to find out! 🙂

I’m already planning a new fitness regime and a new plan to fit into my new job.  I plan on running after work if I can’t run during my lunch break, because my new hours are 8am – 5pm and I live a good 30-45 minutes away from work. Which would need me to get up at 4am to make sure I had time to get dressed, go run, come home, get cleaned up, make breakfast, and then get on the road all before 7am. Not. Gonna. Happen. Especially since I hate getting up early. With the gym at my disposal, I can run up to 4 miles on my lunch break, take a quick shower and braid my hair back so that I still look semi decent for the rest of the day.

This year has been a roller coaster of craziness: I lost my Sante Fe, but got a brand new Fit. I lost my cell phone, but got the new iPhone 6. I lost my job, but scored this new one. I suffered bad depression all year, but I feel like I’m finally coming out of it and finding something to smile about.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. And I can’t wait to get my running legs under me so I can really get back to “normal Jamie.”


6 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Becky edmonds says:

    I’m just wondering how you are doing after your migraine surgery and If it’s still a success? I’m also a runner and suffer from cronic migraine for 20+ years:(
    Scheduled for migraine surgery next week and I’m scared to death! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

    • jljohnson says:

      Honestly, Becky, I do have some migraines from time to time. We’re working on figuring out what the triggers are.

      But they went from 4-6 days long and a 10+ on the pain scale to 1 day MAX and a high 8 on the pain scale. The surgery is scary but I promise you: if it is successful for you, it will be LIFE CHANGING!

      Please keep me updated! I’d love to hear how it went for you!

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