Just a quick update!

Something needs to be said for waking up and being able to breath through both nostrils. Especially after not being able to do it for a week and a half, and having it develop into an Ick that took forever to go away. Right now, as I sit here, I’m still slightly congested even after my nasal spray and my ears still feel full but I can breathe  and that’s just such an amazing feeling that I am completely okay with it.

I woke up this morning with Dreamboat’s alarm and despite feeling a little tired, I felt good. I finally slept through the night without any issues, and feel pretty positive too. It’s amazing how genuinely thankful for the little things you become after you’ve been sick.

Later today I have a polygraph test I need to take for a job that I have applied for, and then it’s grocery shopping in order to pick up food for the week as well as food prep for the mornings. I also plan on mapping out my new fitness training so I can make sure that I am reaching my now modified goals. Which I would have done yesterday but I can’t find my planner, which means there is a good chance I threw it away when I was cleaning. Lame.

I’ll grab a new one while I’m out and about.

An update to come later today! 🙂 Make it a great Monday!


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