Half Marathon Training: Week 4 (kinda)

Half Marathon Training (2)

So I suck at being late with this, but I was on a ton of job interview stuff on Monday, and then on Tuesday I had lunch with a friend and then had to talk to my parents about helping me out financially because I screwed up my unemployment (like a boss *eye roll*) so I’ve been distracted. And then today I cleaned my kitchen. And yes that took almost all day, minus the hour or so I took for a break.

My goal is to start posting my training plans on Sundays and I know that will be easy, because I can do it while we are being lazy and doing laundry. Like a boss.

Anyway – here’s a recap and this week’s plan:

Last week I was a slacker. It seems to be a running thing for me lately, no pun intended. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still “detoxing the news out of me” as Dreamboat and my mom put it or if it’s because the depression is kicking my ass or what, but getting out of bed in the morning to go run is a tough thing for me to do when I’m running solo.

And I better get used to it soon because if I score this new job, there is a chance a 6am alarm will be sleeping in compared to when I’ll have to get up to run before work.

So last week was a bust. But this week I want to do better. I ran/walked almost 4 yesterday with Kat, and I skipped today’s run altogether but also by accident. I slept in a bit because I was tired as all get out and then I started cleaning the kitchen (blog on that soon!) and by the time I was getting ready to go out, it was thundering and I kept getting “lightning warnings” on my phone. So I started making dinner. Then when Dreamboat got home it was over, but I didn’t realize it and now dinner was made. I thought “screw it, I’ll run 4 on Friday” and sat down to eat.

Here’s the plan for the rest of this week:¬†Half Marathon Training (4)

Starting next week, I’m changing my plan up a little bit so I get out there and run on Mondays. I’ll move my rest day to Sunday, which will work out anyway because I’m only going to do yoga on Sundays anyway. I feel like if I start the week out the gate, maybe I’ll feel less inclined to skip it.

What’s the toughest part you have with getting out of bed and running in the morning? Are you just still tired like me?


One thought on “Half Marathon Training: Week 4 (kinda)

  1. littlemoreeachday says:

    It’s exhausting and miserable to haul myself out of bed before 6. The only way I manage it is by reminding myself that it’s the only way to get it done. I’m like you – if I wait until later, one thing comes up then another then another and Oops!

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