Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Half Marathon Training (2)

So this past week sucked. I barely worked out and felt miserable to boot. I had a migraine for two of the days, it hurt to walk with my bad foot, my running partner was out of town so I had no motivation to get up early, and it was just crap. I feel like I am making excuses, but the real thing is it was just a bad week all around fitness wise.

My goal is to get myself back on the bandwagon this week, regardless of what I think or how I feel (barring any more migraines, of course) because I am serious about this. I don’t want to let anything stand in my way to getting what I want.

But sometimes motivating myself to get out there and do the work in a head advisory type weather situation makes me want to stay under the covers of my super comfy bed in my air conditioned condo and listen to music instead.

Stupid summer. I’m over you.

This summer has pretty much blown by in a whirlwind of distractions and life changes. The date of my first half marathon is approaching faster than I realized and now I need to really buckle down and get serious about this. Sure, life things will be thrown in my face and things will need to be adjusted but there is no reason why I can’t go out and run in the evenings right? Unless, it’s thundering and lightning. If it’s just rain, I can run in that. 🙂

I need new shoes too. I should get on that, but I’m not wanting to spend a lot of money right now given how I am still job hunting. I spent some money this week on some other things that were necessities and running shoes are not there yet, but within the next month I will have to break down and get a new pair. Especially if I want to keep the dreaded foot pain away. Grr. Arg. and stuff….

The Tour de Pain is in a few weeks and I want to register for that. It’d be a good race to fit into my training and I always loved that one. I think it will be a fantastic one too! And I have a vacation planned for September with my family, so I need to get into the habit of running in the mornings now so I can do it when I’m in St. Maartin. (Old people and timeshares. I swear)

ANYWAY – now that I’ve rambled incoherently for a while, here’s week 3’s plan:

Half Marathon Training (3)

Throw in some days where I will be walking my dog and I’m sure my mileage will boost back up. Every step counts! And as of this morning, I’m logging my food so I can keep an eye on how much I am eating. I hate doing this because I always end up feeling really bad about what I bring in, but maybe it will help me be more aware of how much crap I am eating again.

When is your first half marathon planned?


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