Half Marathon Training: It has begun!

Half Marathon Training (2)

It’s mid-July and it’s still sweltering in Jacksonville. Like, the “feels like” temperatures are well into the triple digits, and if you don’t get out there and run early enough you will drown in a puddle of your own sweat. Even though I’m meeting Kat at 7am to run the bridges, it’s still a miserably hot and sticky run. And right smack dab in the middle of that hot, sticky, miserably hot summer running is the very beginning of half marathon training.

This should be fun.

Since I haven’t really focused on hard core running in a while, I’m starting back at the basics. Hal Higdon’s training programs have always been my go-to programs because I feel the most comfortable with them. When I begin real training, I usually am doing the intermediate training program, which includes speed work and the like. Since I haven’t really run more than a couple of miles every other day since I hurt my foot, I’m dropping back one more time and going with the novice 2 program.

The difference? Novice 2 doesn’t have speed work or tempo runs, and has significantly less miles on the plan. Granted, I’m adding miles here and there to try and beef up my endurance, but only in a way that allows me to continue to grow. This fall half season is going to be more about finishing strong and less about times, which will be a real challenge for me. My ultimate goal time for a half marathon is still 2:30 and I have yet to get near that. The closest I ever got was 2:38. But when you are rebuilding your endurance, your pace, and your strength, it’s more about finishing than it is about making a goal time.

Kat and I have been doing bridges on Tuesdays and Thursdays while she is out of school. Once school starts again, I don’t know what our plans will be. We are playing everything by ear right now because I’m kind of hoping that I have a new job by then. We aren’t running the bridges as much as we are walking them, and trust me when I tell you that we are getting just as much of a work out walking them as we are running them. Tuesdays are usually our walk days, and by Thursday we are run/walking it. I’m slowly getting back to being able to keep a pace for a full mile.

I’m still icing my foot and keeping it up as much as possible. I want to be able to really start this training process as hard as I can. I still have to do 3 miles today and plan on heading out at about 5pm to get it done. I have some work to do at home first.

So, what half marathons am I planning on doing this fall/winter?

Marine Corp Half Marathon – October 3, 2015
Suburu Half Marathon  – November 26, 2015
Space Coast Half Marathon – November 29, 2015 (REGISTERED)
Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon – January 3, 2015
Best Damn Race Jacksonville – January 16, 2015
Daytona Beach Half Marathon – February 7, 2015
Best Damn Race Orlando – March 5, 2015
Gate River Run 15k –  March 12, 2015 (Okay, so this isn’t a half. But it’s a goal race so it’s on here)

Sure, there are some other races mixed in there that I want to do. The Evergreen Cemetery Run on Halloween is always a big one. And the Tour de Pain is just around the corner. And if I read the calendar right, there is a half marathon on my birthday next year.

All it’s going to take to make all of this happen is good solid training, and registering for the races. But I’ll tackle the registration thing when it comes. Right now, it’s more about getting out there and getting trained.

I know it’s Wednesday and I’m a bit late, but here’s this week’s training:

Monday – Rest and Stretch
Tuesday – Bridges with Kat
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – Bridges with Kat
Friday – 2 miles (sprint?)
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 2 miles recovery

What races are you most excited about? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: It has begun!

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    High five, girl! I can not do summer running outside! I might do the BDR next year. I did the 5k in Orlando two years ago and it was a good time.

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