Reboot Update

Hello, June

As Kat and I were running last week, she looked at me and asked “So, what’s our first half marathon?”

I responded “Well, I haven’t registered for it yet, given the situation, but I am aiming for my first fall half to be the Marine Corp.”

Kat: “Okay. We can do that. It’s still going to be hot then though.”

Me: “Which makes this hell we are in right now totally worth it.”

And it does. I despise running in the summer because the humidity is ridiculous and the temps even at 7am are freaking hot. But I know from the past that these summer runs are what is going to help fuel my fire into the fall when the temps tend to drop off some.

Three bridge runs later, and despite icing my foot after each run, I feel pretty good. It’s a bitch getting back out there and doing it but it’s so rewarding to finish the run, grab my ice water and realize that despite everything that is going on in my world right now, I’m committed to getting back out there and back into shape.

I have some quite detailed plans for my running self over the next 6 months… well, 7 months because there are two half marathons I want to do in January. Wait… the Daytona Beach Half just opened and that’s in February, so make that 8 months. Holy crap, I’m an over-achiever. I’m excited to get back into it.

Grocery shopping has gotten easier too. While we do have some snacks in the house, I do have a good supply of fruits and veggies here too. I have been trying to get into the habit of food prep, especially since I’m unemployed at the moment. I have no excuses, and really food prep is pretty easy when it comes to grab and go items. My go to items are hard boiled eggs, cut up fruit, and pre-cooked meats (like chicken.) Slow as it goes, but I already feel the difference.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a struggle to get used to the “fit life” I had been so deeply in before hand. Habits take time to make and if you can do anything for 100 days the it’s habit. I want to shoot for three weeks for everything to become habit to be sure, but by day 100 it better be habit.

Is there anyone else out there who is rebooting their fitness and diet journey? We should chat! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reboot Update

  1. ivegotbigbulls says:

    I hate running in the heat too! Give me a forty five degree day to run in and I’m thrilled! I’m severely injured right now, have not run in six months. Can’t wait until I can start again but dreading how rough it will be!

  2. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    I take myself to the gym because I’d rather be on treadmill or elliptical than in the head/humidity! I am working through a reboot and creating a regular workout schedule is half the battle.

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