JULY GOALS: Rebooting to a previous self

Hello, June

When you do something for a long time, it becomes part of your identity. Suddenly, that thing – whatever it is – is something that people know you by. They correlate that thing with you, and you with that thing. The two almost become synonymous. Runners get that, because it’s part of who they are. They aren’t just going out for a run, they are embracing it as a part of who they are, a part that becomes part of their identity.

It’s like that for everything: family, jobs, friends, music… literally everything around you can be part of your identity.

My friends have always known me as “that angry hippie girl who works at Channel 4 doing social media and runs in tutus” and for so long that was my identity. Now, part of that identity has been torn away and I’m left floundering a little bit trying to figure out a new part of myself and that is terrifying. For almost 12 years, I have identified myself as a “tv newsie” and now that part of me is gone and I’m left torn.

Part of me is seriously disappointed and distraught. The other part of me is curious as to who I am without the agonizing hours and stress levels are, what kind of adventures wait before me and what the next chapter holds.

One thing I do know it holds… A return to running, yoga and self exploration. July goals are on the radar.

#Run100July – I’m technically not supposed to really start running for a little bit longer. My next appointment with the podiatrist is July 6. But I’m getting impatient and I want to get back out there. It’s bad enough that after almost 4 months of practically no running that I’m having to start over, but I want to do the Marine Corp Half here in Jacksonville which is on October 3. And that means half training starts soon. And it’s bad enough I’m skipping out on speed work to bring back my distance and consistency. So I’m jumping on the Run 100 July bandwagon to get my shit together, for lack of better words. 🙂

I’m grabbing my girl Kat for the next month and a half to do bridges two times a week to help with endurance. She’s a teacher and I’m unemployed right now so why not? I’m also going to do some shorter runs here around where I live. Long runs will be Saturday mornings, and a recovery run on Sunday. Mondays are rest days. My next race is hopefully going to be the Tour de Pain!

#Yoga – I’ve slacked off a bit. I fail. But the stretching and the mindfulness is actually quite nice for this adrenaline junkie so I’m going to attempt to do it at least every other day. Something short, like 20 or 30 minutes just to stretch out after a good run. Hopefully it will help with my focus as well.

#IRGEats – Diet is always the important thing when it comes to weight loss. Having a good diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies is a necessity. That being said, I’m starting to go shopping at Freshfield Farms for fruits, veggies, and farm fresh eggs. I’ll go to Publix for everything else. It’s a time suck, but it’s also a necessity in order to be able to afford all of the fruits and veggies that we are going to start putting down. And while the probiotics are helping with digestion, I really do need to stick to Gluten Free foods. Once in a while, when unavoidable is understandable. But al the time? No.

We have a tropical vacation in September planned, and I want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit when we go.

#IRGDrinks – Okay so I have a problem with soda. That’s not a shock to anyone who has been with me on this roller coaster ride. But I’m trying to cut back and it’s been quasi successful. I now only drink soda when I am out and at a restaurant. At home it’s either a sports drink (I live in Florida, and it’s hot as balls) or it’s water. I’ve been playing with tea again, and want to make some fun fruity teas to get us through the weeks. We usually go through a pot of iced tea every few days. I’ve also gotten slightly addicted to Nuun. Yay Nuun!

#100HappyDays – Have you heard of this?  I attempted it at a time in my life where I couldn’t stick to it for whatever reason. But now, given everything that has happened, I want to attempt it again and will be sticking too it. I’m going to share my photos on Instagram (Follow me! @IdiotRunnerGirl) using the above hashtag. I encourage you to join me 🙂

Obviously I’m also going to be cleaning the condo, job searching, and (God willing) going on interviews to find a new thing. It won’t be easy trying to erase the “news” part of my identity…and I don’t think it will go away completely. But it could fade into the background and other things could come forward and be strong again. Rebooting to a previous version of myself kind of thing.

Thanks for being part of the ride. I promise I’ll stop disappointing you and be worthy of you reading! 🙂


3 thoughts on “JULY GOALS: Rebooting to a previous self

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    I love this idea! We all need reboots throughout our lives.

    And I have a big problem with soda too. My boyfriend is a soda drinker and now that we live together I have become one too. I am trying desperately to cut back.

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