June: A month of changes

Hello, June

It’s officially June and lots of things are happening: Today is the start of hurricane season, the start of the end to the first half of 2015, and with the beginning of a new month comes new challenges.

I have an appointment with my podiatrist on Thursday in hopes to get another injection and permission to run more than I’m allowed to, which will make training and getting my sweat on easier. I have my in-laws visiting with my niece and nephew in a few weeks down in Orlando, so we have a long weekend planned with them park hopping. We are currently redoing a room in our condo that is leaving it in slight chaos and it’s driving me bonkers. And on June 24, I will be working my final day at WJXT.

Yep. That’s my big announcement. Channel 4 has decided to not renew my contract, much to the surprise of everyone in the newsroom it seems. I found out in early May and it has plagued me all month long. There are a lot of things surrounding this that I agree with and don’t agree with, but the bottom line is this move could be very, very good for me. Sure, I’ve been here 12 years almost and it’s been my only job outside of college…but it’s what’s on the horizon that I’m curious about. I’ve been applying for jobs but not hearing back from anything. There are two more jobs I will be submitting my information to tonight when I get home, and then I’m going to take a break for a few days and see what happens.

So with the good and the bad looming over my head, so much uncertainty and chaos, I need to grasp something that I feel I have control over. Diet, part of my fitness, and my mental health? On it.

Yesterday, I went to Freshfield Farms for the first time in a long, long time. I love that place. It’s nothing but fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and meats. It has eggs there, but nothing else in the world of dairy which is a slight disadvantage to shopping there. (Hey, this girl needs her Greek Yogurt) but it was awesome going in and picking up some meats and fresh fruits and veggies. We don’t really need much else; we have snack food already at the house which we are slowly purging out so we can both eat healthier. We both have to work on our diet and our bodies, and I’m excited to get back to doing this together.

Fitness wise, I can still run/walk/run/walk so I’ll be doing that. I didn’t do yoga this past week, which I can feel is a hindrance to my health. I need to get back into the habit of at least doing a quick 15 minutes before bed to help me sleep. Hopefully after my appointment on Thursday I’ll be able to run full out and not have to take walk breaks. Half Marathon training begins in July if I want to do the Marine Corp Half the first week of October so that means getting my shit together, for lack of better words.

I’m planning on doing the Novice 2 training program since I’m essentially starting over with my training. It’s just running miles, no speed work or anything else like that. I want to do more and harder, but realistically I need to go slow and do things right. I was forced to stop doing Insanity for the time being bc of my foot, but I plan on starting it up again soon. It can be my cross training or something.

Being responsible and doing what you are supposed to is going against everything in me; I’m usually the balls the wall go all out kind of girl. But if this year has taught me anything with the roller coaster changes coming my way and the way things have been coming at me, it’s to slow down and do the right thing.

So if you are the praying kind, please keep me in your prayers. If your spiritual, please keep me in your thoughts. The next few months are going to be a wild ride.


2 thoughts on “June: A month of changes

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    Good things lie ahead for you. I just know it! But I will keep you in my prayers this summer.

    PS – Make sure you pack extra sunscreen for your trip to Florida. The sun has been relentless and unforgiving!

  2. littlemoreeachday says:

    Sorry to hear about your job! That is a big stressor to add onto an already rough time. I’m sure something great is waiting around the corner for you and hope you can get back to full running soon to help with the stress!

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