Obeying Doctors Orders…

I spent a few hours mapping out a plan on Sunday for a fitness regime that is doable. It works with my doctors restrictions and it allows me to get some of the cardio that I have been missing in my life. I won’t be breaking any records anytime soon, but at least I will be getting out there and doing something I love.

Because in a world where things are starting to spin wildly out of my control, the least I can do is control my workouts right?


I had a physical on Monday and that horrible nurse made me get on the scale. Okay, so maybe the nurse wasn’t so horrible. She was actually really sweet. I am in the process of switching doctors at the same practice I am at and this wasn’t the usual nurse I see, and I really did find her incredibly sweet. But that awful scale….I knew that I had put on weight because my clothes haven’t been fitting right. I just didn’t realize how much weight I put on. Then again, I start my period next week. (Sorry, guys, but chicks gain a little right before they bleed. It’s a thing.)

The new doctor in the office, Dr. Luna Khadour, was pretty awesome. She was dressed quite fashionably, and had this fantastic black hair that looked wind blown and styled at the same time. She came off as modern and hip and with the times, which is a complete contradiction to the first doctor I had been seeing in that office. She listened to me talk about how things were going physically, including my depression, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find some new balances.

I talked to her about my work out plans, and she noted that she had paperwork from my podiatrist Dr. Anderson in my file. We went over my diet, and I admitted that thanks to a downward spiral with my depression over the past few months that I found it hard to eat healthy as well as work out, so we are adding a new medication to my current med plan to see if that helps. If not, we swap out antidepressants and try something new.


NOTE: I want to remind my readers that I am telling you about this depression thing as part of me being completely transparent. I was diagnosed with depression back in college and have been to the darkest places with it as well as the lightest places with it. I was just reading an article about a popular runner who was a freshman in college who committed suicide not too long ago. Please. If you feel the need to talk to someone, I’m always here. And if I can’t help, I know people who can.

All in all, my physical went well. Of course, my weight is higher than she wants it (story of my life) and my blood pressure was a little high…but things looked good otherwise. I do need to get blood work done to go over my cholesterol numbers again because she said she has a hard time believing they are as high as the Health Assessment lady says they were so I am going to get that done soon.

I ended up not running yesterday like I had planned because I had a migraine developing and that was just crap. So instead, I stretched and colored. (seriously. This adult coloring book is amazing. So great for stress reduction and therapy.) This morning, I did the Insanity Fit Test and almost died, haha! But it felt good to get a good work out in.

Now, I’m prepping my lunch (GF pasta tossed with some herbs and olive oil, chicken, feta, mushrooms and zucchini ) and doing laundry. I go in late tonight for elections, and I know they are going to feed us there so I will eat that for dinner. Small steps to victory.


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