Random Update from IRG


I ran this morning! I ran a mile! Okay, not really a mile, I ran half a mile. Two quarters of a mile. Run a quarter, walk a quarter, run a quarter, walk a quarter. Doctors orders. But I did it! I runned!

And now I can’t run again until Thursday. Because I can only run every other day right now. WHICH IS FINE! I can make that work. I’m going to dig out my laptop and do Insanity tomorrow morning, and more yoga.

I need to keep doing yoga every day so I can make sure that I am stretched out and mindful and relaxed.

But I’m not gonna lie, I’m so ready for the ability to run 5 miles on my long runs it’s cray cray. It’s not even about time at this point. I need to not worry about pace and worry more about getting out there and enjoying the run! I can’t wait to get out there.


Not gonna lie. I’ve been bad for a week. I got some rough news last week that put me into a small bit of a tailspin and I reverted to some of my old ways. Lots of soda. Lots of fried. Lots of gluten. Lots of not remembering to eat until I was starving and then scarfing way too much food. But no more of that.

The news is something out of my control, and I promise I will announce it to you all soon. I’m contractually obligated to wait a bit longer before making the announcement. (but I’m sure you can figure it out.) And since the things I can control is my diet and my fitness then that’s what I will do.

LATE ADD: As much as I bitch about my weight lately, I self sabotage but getting McD’s (chicken nuggets) on my way into work because I waited to late to leave my condo and grab food. And since we don’t have any thing already made at home, I had to grab and go. *head desk* I need a swift kick in the ass here. Or to just plan better.

TELL ME: What do you do to make sure you eat healthy all the time? Do you always keep food with you? Do you stash food in different places?


2 thoughts on “Random Update from IRG

  1. Patrick McSweeney says:

    I keep some healthy snacks stashed. But even if you go to Mickey D’s, you CAN find some healthy options there. Salads are good and their new grilled chicken sandwich on their “artisan” bun is good (you can request it as a wrap or eat it without the bun to avoid gluten).

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