Fitness Update: I can RUN!

My appointment on Monday at the podiatrist was a good one. He said the swelling has gone down significantly, and when he squeezes my heel it’s not nearly as painful as it was before. It still hurt some, but was more tolerable.

We talked about what I had been doing therapy wise and I admitted to doing yoga pretty much every morning and still stretching outside of that. I’ve been wearing my sneakers with my insoles religiously, and wearing heels when I don’t want to wear my sneakers. He said all of that, and the injection, has helped and that I should be good to go back to normal routines.

I asked him to clarify that: does that mean I can run? He said yes! HUZZAH!

Then he set the restrictions. Oh.

For the first week (which I am starting Saturday) I am able to run a quarter mile, walk a quarter mile for up to 3 miles. The second week, I can make it half and half. Then on the third week, I can run one full mile, then go back to what I was doing, and every week after that I can add a mile. Oh, and only every other day.

This slow and steady return to running will do two things: One, it will make sure that won’t re-injure my foot and will force me to take it easy. Two: it will force me to return to running correctly, how a person who hasn’t been running much SHOULD return to running. Insert blushing Jamie here. He called me out even without really knowing that’s what I had done.

I’m to keep stretching 2x a day, doing my yoga, and if I do run – I need to stretch before and after, ice for 15 minutes, and then take an Aleeve. So yay! I’m excited to finally get back into the fit world of things. I’m going to work out a calendar that will allow me to do some working out, including Insanity and yoga, and get me back to the fit life I want to be in.


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