Good News, Bad News, Grouchy Jamie

Had my appointment with the podiatrist yesterday, and got some news I wanted to hear, and some news I really am not happy about. That, on top of some other things, has made for a very Grouchy Jamie.

And we don’t like Grouchy Jamie. Grouchy Jamie is bad bad bad bad bad.

My new podiatrist is amazing. Dr. Anderson took the time to talk me through everything he was doing to check my foot and ankle, he explained things in a way that I completely understood and told me that the Critical Care person was wrong in freaking me out.

He also told me it IS plantar faciitis no matter how much I didn’t want to believe it. I was wrong.

Here’s what I learned: the heel spur I have developed is because my muscles are so tight around my heel that my bone wanted to protect it. The spur is a flat thing that is supporting my very tight muscles to keep them from tearing and healing and building more scar tissue. Despite the fact that I can flex my foot and move the muscle around, my muscle is still very tight and needs to be stretched out and relaxed before I can run again. I also was told (again) that I was someone who pronates and that it has a lot to do with the bones in my foot.

Instead of 4 weeks of physical therapy (which I despise) I opted for the cortizone injection into my foot. Yesterday it hurt, but today it hasn’t been so bad. I have stretches I need to do 3 times a day, and an additional 2 times a day if I work out on the bike or the elliptical or go for a swim. But under no circumstances am I allowed to run for at least the next month.


Hence the grouchy Jamie.

I got a new boot to wear that, while more comfortable to sleep with, I did end up taking off in the middle of the night. Oops. I hope tonight I can get it on and keep it on all night. I also plan to hit the fitness center a couple times a week to use the leg press machine for the deep muscle stretches I did the first time I was diagnosed with this. I usually jack up the weight as heavy as I can handle it, then go to do calf raises. Instead of doing those raises, I let the weight push back on the balls of my feet to really feel a deep pull on my calf muscles.

It’s painful and miserable but it helps.

So for right now it’s lots of bike riding, maybe some swimming (although I am really not good at it) and yoga. A friend shared with me this LivingSocial  online yoga thing. I can get a year for $22 since the 6 months thing is sold out. MyYogaWorks. All online. I’m tempted to buy it.

So there’s my update. Find me on MyFitnessPal to at least make sure I’m eating correctly 🙂


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