Oh, April…

I haven’t run since the Gate River Run on March 14. I’m feeling fluffy; uncomfortable in my own skin. My arms are slightly more toned thanks to being on crutches for two weeks. And I’ve done some upper body work, but it’s nothing like the high of getting three miles in.

My appointment with the podiatrist is next Tuesday, and that’s when we find out what we are going to do with my foot. I’m wearing my sneakers everywhere I go and it sucks because they hurt. Well, my foot hurts. I may or may not be able to run after my appointment, and that’s frustrating. I’m Injured Runner Girl for a bit.

It’s April, and that means sunshine and warmth, bathing suits and sunglasses. I’ve not felt confident in a bathing suit in almost two years and I know I need to get serious about everything in order to get that confidence back. But how do you do that, when you can’t do any cardio?


My Fitness Pal – Oh, you evil, evil app that tells me I’m a fat ass and eat too much crap. I loathe thee… but find you to be a necessary evil. The only way I can get an idea on what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and the number of calories I’m injesting knowingly…is to log it. I start and stop on this thing so often. It’s like I can’t stick with it. But I’m trying again, and I’m inviting everyone here to stay on my back about it. If you see me not log in for a few days, message me and nag me. I need to make this habit. (You have my permission!)

Bike Ride? I’m most likely going to be told I can’t run, but am hoping that I get the OK to ride a bike. I have borrowed my friends bike and we have a recumbent bike at the fitness center. It’s something. And if I jack up the resistance, choose a random ride, and really push hard, I can work up a good sweat too. (NOTE: I won’t ride the bike outside until I get a helmet. I’m a danger to myself already!)

Yoga? Same goes for Yoga. I have to get permission first.

Weight Training with my body weight? I know I can do upper body and SOME core, but am uncertain what lower body I can do until… You guessed it. I talk to the doctor. ugh.

Meditation – Stress is evil, and can make you fat. So how do you counter that? By finding ways to not be stressed. One of the things I adore most is listening to music and I’ve found that if I zone out to a really peaceful song, I feel more focused and less strung out. Call it meditation, call it Jamie being Jamie, call it whatever. All I know is I’m going to attempt to do it at least once a day.

What are the moves YOU do when you are injured?


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