Birthday Facts, 2015

I started this thing years ago. Every birthday that I celebrate being alive and strong and well, I would do a fact sheet. One fact for every year I had been alive. Usually I limit these things to Twitter since the twitterverse is more open and welcoming to these sort of things, but this year I’m making a post out of it as well.

You can skip this post, as it won’t have much about running involved. Or fitness in general. Or even diet. I do talk about running and what I eat and why I eat it though. And there are tons of other useless bits of information that you might find fantastic and fun.

If you follow me on Twitter, these things are nothing new. I just gathered them and put them in order right here on the blog. But if you are not following me on Twitter (and why aren’t you?? Go find me @IdiotRunnerGirl) then enjoy the list here.  If you have questions for me, throw them in the comments and I will answer them!

And without further adieu…. Your Birthday Facts:


Birthday Fact 1 – I can’t start the day without my coffee. I have Santa’s White Christmas from Barnies Coffee for home drinking, and my go to place for coffee when I leave the house is Dunkin Donuts!

Birthday Fact 2 – I have a mad crazy adoration for Tony Stark/Iron Man. I’ve seen the movies a thousand times, I still love them. I have a thing for a seriously sarcastic tall, dark and handsome.

Birthday Fact 3 – I’m obsessed with Suits on USA and right now am FURIOUS that Donna left Harvey! And yay for Mike and Rachel!! But seriously, how could Donna leave Harvey for LOUIS! I mean Louis does need some help, but Donna and Harvey is an institution!

Birthday Fact 4 – As obsessed as I am with music, I do enjoy sitting in silence for a while and just thinking. It can be enlightening.

Birthday Fact 5 – I actually hate talking on the phone with people I don’t know. I’d rather communicate via email or social media.

Dawn told me that I looked really pale and then I got my hair flat ironed. I tried to smile.

Dawn told me that I looked really pale and then I got my hair flat ironed. I tried to smile.

Birthday Fact 6 – I love working with a team of highly motivated people. I thrive on throwing ideas around with equals & no judgement.

Birthday Fact 7 – I like to run. Running is my favorite. But if you throw me in a Les Mills class I’m in the zone so hard!!

Birthday Fact 8 – I don’t eat a lot of fast food anymore, but when I do eat it, it’s usually anything chicken.

Birthday Fact 9 –  I swear the world would be a better place with soundtracks and ice cream for everyone. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream and music?

Birthday Fact 10 – I pride myself on my confidence but am the most self-conscious person when it comes to how I look and with my body. While I do feel pretty from time to time, I don’t feel like I’m “beautiful.” I will say this though – I feel the most confident when I’m dressed comfortably, in my own skin…or butt ass naked.


Birthday Fact 11 – I love writing and miss doing it for fun. I thrive when I can get lost in writing fiction pieces. I want to be published. I have two books already written and all I need to do is edit them one more time and then send them out. I’m hurting myself by not taking the time to do that.

Birthday Fact 12 – I am so completely obsessed with Natural Life it’s stupid. I own so much and want to own more. I love the philosophy.

Birthday Fact 13 – Some people love television. Some love movies. Me? I love music. If I could listen to music all the time, I’d be happy. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy television or movies. Just that I thrive with music more.

Birthday Fact 14 – I prefer experiences to stuff. That’s not to say I don’t like gifts, I do. I mean who doesn’t love getting gifts. I just like experiencing things more. There are some things that you just have to experience.

Birthday Fact 15 – I want to go to the University of Florida to get my social media masters degree. They have an online program. The hang-up? The damn GRE. I FAIL at math. Seriously.


Birthday Fact 16 – I am a walking billboard for LUSH Cosmetics. I use a plethora of their products and my hair/skin is better for it. Their solid shampoo makes my hair super soft, and their Herbalism face scrub makes my skin glow and less oily. I’ve had less acne because of it! They are my favorite products.

Birthday Fact 17 – I have two tattoos and want to have 4 more before the end of the year. I’m just going to start saving now

Birthday Fact 18 – I can’t cook. No really, I can’t cook. I can make like 4 things well, and that’s about it. I screw up pasta on the regular. I burned a pot beyond recognition.

Birthday Fact 19 – I actually really enjoy watching my male friends play video games. Sometimes I get to play as well. I’m not as good, but I’m fascinated in the skills needed to play some of the complicated games. It’s not a complete time waster when you need serious eye-hand coordination to play a first player shooting game.

Birthday Fact 20 – I collect journals and really amazing pens like a freak. I own a huge stack of journals just waiting to be written in. And I’m very particular about my pens. Seriously. They have to reach my high expectations before I will use them freely. I will NOT use a pen because I don’t like how it looks or works.

Jamie Thanksgiving

Birthday Fact 21 – My dream job used to be to edit and produce music videos, and to this day I still wish I could have at least participated in doing something with them. YouTube has my life when I get caught up with some fan made videos for shows I love and songs I adore.

Birthday Fact 22 – I could eat my weight in Mexican food OR Sushi and not be upset at all.

Birthday Fact 23 – I really am obsessed with Social Media. I personally own over 15 accounts over a variety of platforms. It’s my crack. I’m always checking out different platforms, much to my husband’s frustration.

Birthday Fact 24 – When I run, it’s not to compete with other people even though I feel like I have to compete with my friends who are faster than I am. It’s more of an escape for me. Fitness and exercise are a GREAT anti-depressant and I love being able to “run off” my frustration, weariness, or insecurities.

Birthday Fact 25 – Coke > Wine > Beer. And I love all three.

It had my name on it, of COURSE I bought it. :)

It had my name on it, of COURSE I bought it. 🙂

Birthday Fact 26 – I eat Gluten Free because of digestive issues that just won’t go away. Eating Gluten Free makes it a bit easier to deal with. I’m also allergic dairy and chicken, but less now than when I was a kid.

Birthday Fact 27 –  I live in Florida, but don’t go to the beach nearly as much as I should. I actually do love the beach, though.

Birthday Fact 28 – I can’t count. It’s true. I screw it up every time. Counting down my anchors on Saturdays sucks because I’ll do 10 – 9 – 7 – 5 … and then say fuck it, wrap.

Birthday Fact 29 – I learned to love NASCAR because of Dreamboat, but  now I can hold my own when discussing the sport.

Birthday Fact 30 – My favorite TV shows currently are Suits, Supernatural, Black Sails, Satisfaction, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, NCIS, and anything on Palladia.


Birthday Fact 31 – I am anal about having things planned, and while I don’t mind plans changing, I need to know. It’s the Newsie in me. I plan everything when we are going to do something, and if it’s a free day and we are just being lazy, I’ll almost plan for us to do something or nothing. It’s a flaw and it’s fantastic.

Birthday Fact 32 – I don’t like being an injured runner. It’s cutting into my fitness time.

Birthday Fact 33 – If you can’t type on a keyboard and you hunt and peck your keys, YES I AM judging you. Learn to type.

Birthday Fact 34 – I want to spend more time outside on my patio but I’m terrified of bugs and the wasps/spiders that visit freak me out.

Birthday Fact 35 – I don’t have all the answers, but I do ask all the questions. I never want to stop learning new things.



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