One Week Later – The Injured Runner

It’s been one week since I went to the emergency care center, had x-rays and was told to stay off my foot. In that week, I’ve had friends lecture me on not using my crutches, built up new strength in my arms and shoulders, pitched a fit about hating the crutches, and had a plethora of doors opened for me, food brought to me, and ice packs brought to me.

I’ve also had people lecture me on how I need to quit running, or at least the long distance races I keep signing up for because apparently I’m “always hurting myself” and while I know they are doing it because they hate to see me in pain, it’s having the counter effect they want it to. It’s not going to make me stop running.

It is, however, going to make me smarter about my running.

It’s no secret that I half-assed my training for the Gate River Run. I won’t deny that. But it’s a race that I have done so many times already, and it’s not like my body doesn’t know what it’s doing. Do I think this is the reason I got hurt? No. I really don’t. Life gets in the way, and Lord knows lately my life has been more downs than ups, but my lack of consistent training is not why I got hurt.

Let me backtrack: Back in November, I ran the Suburu Half Marathon here in Jacksonville and 4 days later ran the Space Coast Half Marathon. I essentially ran a full in 5 days. When I finished those runs, I had pain in my foot and it sucked because it really hurt, but I assumed that it was because of plantar fasciitis. I talked to a doctor and he agreed that it sounded like that. We didn’t do x-rays. We didn’t do a full exam. We just went on a previous diagnosis and assumed that was the cause this time around.

Flash forward 4 months. Now my foot hurts worse than it did before and it wasn’t until Dreamboat asked me if my foot hurt as bad as it did in November. THAT was when it hit me. I took a diagnosis from a doctor who didn’t do a full exam because they didn’t think they needed to and ran with it, altered my running and stepping in a way that caused my ligaments to ache, and discovered after a bad run that the real issue is a heel spur that was going toward my arch. I’m supposed to be using crutches (the bane of my existence right now) and I am not supposed to be putting any weight on my left foot.

So when my friend was lecturing me about my running, telling me that I should just run 3 miles a day or do the bridges or whatever (Because doing the bridges wouldn’t injure a runner…) I was hurt and angry. I didn’t have his support for my racing habit or my long run habit. I know he was just upset about the fact that I was hurting and injured and on crutches and trust me I get how much that sucks, but I didn’t feel that. I felt like it was another person telling me what I shouldn’t be doing. And since I’m already in a weak mindset, I got angry and just quit talking the rest of the night.


Even Dreamboat said he didn’t think I needed to quit the long runs! He said I need to get re-fitted for shoes and get my stride checked out! Which I totally agree with! And a day later, after sleeping on it, I realized that my friend was just concerned and didn’t want to see me hurt. I appreciate his concern, but when I get the all clear I’m not going to give up my long races/runs.

What I AM going to do is head back to Jax Running Company or 1st Place Sports and get re-fitted for shoes. I’m going to find a running coach (who is NOT a friend of  mine) and get my stride figured out. I’m going to start slow and focus on rebuilding, and I’m going to integrate some other fitness regimes into my plan and I’m going to run long distances on Sundays. Because the logical thing to do is figure out what you did wrong, then stop doing that thing…not give up on the thing because you did something wrong.


My friend is going to be really pissed off when he realizes I’m signing up for a marathon in December.

Anyway -being off of my foot has helped it. The swelling has gone down and the pain has been lessening each day. Now, my heel doesn’t hurt at all and it’s only my ankle that aches from time to time. I’ve been inconsistent on taking the anti-inflammatories they prescribed me because they need to be taken with food and my eating habits are awful and inconsistent right now. Tomorrow is Election Day in Jax so I’m hoping that will be the last long day I have for a while.

Also, I hate my crutches. Thankfully my arms are better and don’t hurt as much anymore, but my hands are killing me. I was using them all wrong in the beginning! I’m planning on decorating them later tonight with tulle and maybe some ribbon. My birthday is on Friday, so I will be adding some balloons there too I think because why not?

SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAY!!! I am going to do #BirthdayFacts again this year on Twitter. I’ll add the post here to the blog later this weekend, but I was wondering if there were any questions you had for me? I can factor those into my 35 Birthday facts for my 35th birthday! 🙂 Just let me know in the comments or post on the Facebook page! 🙂


3 thoughts on “One Week Later – The Injured Runner

  1. littlemoreeachday says:

    Birthday balloons and tulle sound like a great idea 🙂
    On a more serious note, new shoe fitting and an objective coach also sound like a good idea to get safely back where you want to go. Good luck!

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