Gate River Run Training: Week 5

If I had to choose one thing that makes training hard, it’d be a toss up between doing it by yourself and getting out of bed early in the morning. But the two are interchangeable for me: If I was meeting someone to run in the morning, I get out of bed and go. Now that I don’t meet anyone in the mornings anymore, I’m more likely to run after work and spend the few hours of early morning quiet reading or cleaning or whatever.

But now that has to change, and I can’t run after work anymore. At least for the month of February, thanks to outside obligations with work and the Dreamboat. So my alarm is set to 5:30am once again, and I am back to running in the early morning hours.

I’m entering week 5 of Gate River Run Training, and things are going okay. I wish my speed was up a bit more than it is right now, but I am in a constant state of TIRED and I know that is hindering the progress. I am working on that, however.


The first big change is to just focus my workouts on running. Sure, I want to be able to do all the other things that I was trying to keep in my daily routine, but to be completely honest, I have yet to really commit to it. I do better with planks and squats if I were a member of a gym, and that won’t be able to happen until at least July. So, I’ll focus on the running for now.

Second big change is really focusing on how much caffeine I am taking in. I kind of fell off the “no soda” bandwagon in a hard way the past few days, and I need to clean that backup. Coffee in the morning, tea during the day if necessary, nothing with caffeine for dinner during the week. I’m also going to be more watchful of my sugar intake. I lost 3 lbs in January, which isn’t bad at all, but I’m sure I could do better if I really watched those things. Plus – stimulants mean restless sleep. Not a good combination when you are already stressed out.

The third and final big change? Anything that will help eliminate stress. I’m one of those people who gets really stressed out (like say, during sweeps periods?) and then takes it out on the ones closest to me. Dreamboat is the same way. The only difference is if we go to bed angry, he has the innate ability to just go to sleep like nothing is wrong while I am laying there awake and stewing with frustration. So stressful situations, bickering with the husband, and not getting a restful nights sleep? It’s no wonder my running has slowed some.

Gear wise: I’m having to swap out my shoes early due to some holes that have been torn on the sides. I’ve also gone back to running with my custom insoles as they help my arches better. I need to get a new pair molded soon, as these are a few years old and are about to bite the dust. Also – I broke down and got the compression sleeves for my calves. I haven’t run in them yet, but they have been fantastic for recovery. Lately my shins have been bothering me, but with the sleeves on the pain goes away. I’m going to try wearing them for tomorrows run. With my new shoes. We’ll see how that goes.

I once found a graphic online that said “No one cares about your excuses. No one pities you for your troubles. Stop complaining and go do the thing” and that kind of resonated with me. I motivate myself and focus on my own training without the help of others, but enjoy running with other people from time to time so I am not so bored. Ultimately, however, your progress (or lack thereof) is based solely on YOU and YOUR DRIVE.

There are 6 weeks till the Gate River Run. That means 6 more weeks of training. Let’s do this.


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