Gate River Run Training: Week 4 and a quick update

I’ve been so behind in what I promised I would do with keeping you up to date on my training. I fail.

But the good news is, I’ve only missed 2 miles this week!

Monday was rest day
Tuesday was supposed to be 4 (I ran 2)
Wednesday was speed work (Which I did)
Thursday is two miles, but I’m going to do three.
Friday is three miles
Saturday is supposed to be a rest day, but I’m running the Wolfson Children’s Hospital challenge and my leg is a 5k.
Sunday is 4 miles.

That means I should get…14.75 miles this week. But it’s a taper week. So it will work out.

I’ve noticed a few things when I run in the morning. One is that it’s slowly starting to get lighter earlier. It’s incredibly hard to tell, but I can see it when I watch the sunrise while I run. Another thing is it’s getting COLDER here in Jax. A few mornings we’ve woken up in the 30s. That usually lasts till about mid-February and by the time we head out to the Daytona 500, we’re in shorts and tank tops. And then there’s the pollen.


My crappy blue car is yellow. When I use my windshield wipers, a plume of yellow powder goes flying into the air. Grr. Jamie and pollen don’t get along very well, so this concerns me. it won’t stop me from running outside, but it will make me dig into the world of decongestants to see if I can breath easier when I do run. Do you have suggestions?

Okay, I have to dart off. Look for a longer post later this weekend! 🙂


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