It’s A Food Thing: Probiotics and finally giving them a shot

My mom told me to start taking them a long time ago but I resisted because I didn’t want to take another pill. My friends told me to take them because of the super healthy benefits that I can get from them. My doctor suggested giving them a shot due to the issues I have with my digestion.

After almost two years of hearing people talk about them, I finally broke down and bought a jar of probiotics when I was grocery shopping on Monday.

Since I graduated college, I had digestive issues. I thought it was nothing, but when I started working out really hard and not losing weight I knew there was something bigger at play. That’s when I headed to a nutritionist. She told me to keep a food journal for a month, writing down everything I ate or drank, how I felt while eating it emotionally and physically, and to keep track of bowel movements to see if there was an issue.

It was doing that and tracking how much wheat I was eating that helped us determine that I had a gluten insensitivity. I started to cut out everything I could: no more bread, no more pasta, no more breaded meats or anything like that. It was tough, and after doing that I realized that I had felt better.


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