35 races in 2015 for my 35th birthday

I turn 35 in March. While I am no where near where I hoped I would be in my fitness life (hey, I don’t have migraines as much anymore, I really can’t complain) I do know that I wanted to do it big this year to celebrate that I made it this far. It’s a big deal.

That’s when I came up with #35for35 – or 35 for 35. 35 races in 2015 for my 35th birthday. I liked the idea, because it would challenge me physically as well as mentally, and it’s bound to be cheaper than some kind of fancy jewelry and healthier than binging on cake and ice cream.

35 races in one year averages out to about 3 races a month. Completely doable, given the amount of races that happen here in Jacksonville in a given month. The only months I’ll have issues with is the summer and that’s because no one really races in 112 degree heat. As I started my research on what races were when and how much they all were going to cost and the like, I realized that I forgot one little thing: I work on Saturdays. And most of the races were on Saturdays.

Well, shit. That puts a damper on things.

So I turned to virtual races. A lot of people turn their heads and snub these unaccounted for races as things that bling whores turn to when it’s actually quite the opposite. In my research, I’ve been able to see that a lot of the companies that offer virtual races on a regular basis have charities that they are raising the money for, and share that information openly on their sites. Of course, you need to be selective on what races you register for in order to make sure that it’s morally sound, but still. Having options like virtual races helps others raise money for a cause, and helps us runners who are stuck missing the typical race get some experience.

I’ve already run the Best Damn Race – Jacksonville as a virtual. I plan on running the Safety Harbor and Orlando ones as virtual as well. And I’ve found the Idiot Runner Club has a virtual offer for their Skunk Run in March. Suddenly, getting 3 races a month seems significantly more doable than before. I still plan on doing as many road races I can here in Jacksonville, with the final race of my 35 being the Jacksonville Bank Marathon…my second attempt, and this one I will finish.

I’m excited because this will be a challenge. Physically, mentally…it’s going to be tough. I’m going to have to bail on friends for running, work around family and friend obligations, hopefully not infuriate the Dreamboat too much with my disappearing act to go run. It will take a lot of dedication, focus, training and motivation. I’ll be looking to you for help from time to time, I am sure of it.

You’ll be able to follow along with me here, on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. I’ll be using the hashtag #35for35 in all of my posts relating to the races. And I hope you all will celebrate with me in December when I cross the finish line for my final race stronger, faster, and better than ever before.


2 thoughts on “35 races in 2015 for my 35th birthday

  1. littlemoreeachday says:

    My husband doesn’t think virtual races count because they’re just for medals, but a) some of those medals are super cute and b) they can be GREAT fundraisers! I think in your situation they’ll be a great option! Good luck with your 35 races – you’ll be great!

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