Week Three: Gate River Run Training

So I kind of blew this week. Okay, not kinda. I totally blew this week. I didn’t run almost at all, I ate completely horribly and right now I’m feeling super guilty because I scrolled through Instagram and all I had seen were posts telling me that excuses were lame, and to put up or shut up and the like.

Hmph. Double hmph.

The guilty commentary that I have in my head right now is cruel: I’m berating myself for not eating as healthfully as I had planned to and it will show on the scale tomorrow morning, I’m calling myself lazy and horrible for opting for sleep and rest instead of pushing through the sick I was trying to keep away and getting out there to run, and I’m feeling beaten up and kicked while I’m down.

And that’s where things get tricky: I ran in the cold rain twice and felt myself getting sick. My throat hurt every time I swallowed, my ears ached, I was congested, and I had a headache. The idea of going to run in cold, wet weather while trying to not get sick with all of that just seemed illogical. So I skipped some of my runs this week. Okay, I skipped all but one of my runs this week. But in turn I slept really hard, and really well every night last week and as I sit here typing right now mentally beating myself up for skipping my 7 miles today the only signs of the ick that I can feel are the constant congestion.

But it’s winter and I have allergies, so that’s expected.

As for diet… I have no excuses. I know better than to drink sodas because they always make me crave more, but I drink them anyway. I knew going out to eat as much as I did meant lack of decent healthy food in my system, but I ate like crap anyway. I didn’t plan accordingly to cover the moments when I had to eat fast food to get by like I did when I was on assignment Friday. It’s my own fault.

I could give excuses about my tough week at work, trying to fight off the sick, and a bunch of other reasons, but it’s time to put up or shut up. It’s back to the plan starting tomorrow.


Instead of cross training, I very well might go grab a 3 miler. It depends on how I feel when I wake up. I also have to do grocery shopping, meal prep, goodwill drop off, and I have the exterminator coming by 2:30pm. So if I get up early with Brian, I’ll get it in. If not, it’s just a cross train day.

I’m trying my Blerch, to focus on getting my act together and making sure that I am doing the best job I can. I know once I am seriously focused, I can do anything. It’s hard to motivate yourself into doing anything when you really just want to stay in bed, and I am going to counter it by making a motivation board to hang by my stuff. Reasons I want to make this work kind of thing.

No more excuses. Time for razor focus. Who’s with me?


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