It’s A Food Thing: Old habits are hard to break!

I feel like I have been doing so good lately with the cleaned up eating. Less soda, healthier foods, the works. I’ve had salad every day for the past few days…including the weekend! I felt strong! I felt solid!

Then I went to order lunch today while STARVING and ordered on autopilot. Without even thinking about it, I screwed up. And of course I didn’t realize it until it was half gone.

Oops. Old habits are hard to break.

I went to The Olive Tree which is a Mediterranean Grille right around the corner from us, next to La Nopelera which is Mexican. I could have gone to Panera and just ordered another salad, but I was itching for something different. And when I got close, I remembered that I could get a falafel platter and that always came with a lot of food. Which is perfect for today since I’m going to run after work. I’ll eat leftovers!

I parked and walked in, glancing at my phone as one of my reporters tried to call me. I knew what she wanted to discuss and was in the process of texting her that I’d call her back while I ordered. So not only was I starving by the time I ordered, I was also distracted. Double whammy.

I ordered the falafel platter with hummus and fries. And got a Dr. Pepper to go. I sucked down half of a cup before I even realized that I was drinking soda….because I was on my phone, answering emails and checking Facebook. I refilled my soda, then grabbed my to go order and on the way back to the station, I called the reporter and chatted with her. I finished my call about the same time I walked into the station and at this point I was damn near hangry. So I started to chow down.

I love falafel. And to be honest I didn’t eat many of the (delicious) fries. I didn’t even touch my hummus (yay dinner!) but I did suck down that soda like it was my job. So I thought about why. Soda is my go to stress food. Always has been, always will be. Some people grab candy, some people grab chips, I grab a Coke.

Was I overly stressed? Kinda. I told myself that I wasn’t going to let work affect me as much as it did last year, and I’m working hard to stick to that mentality. It’s not easy, but it’s what I want in my life. So yeah, kinda stressed. Bored? Definitely not bored today with the shooting in Paris and the shooting  yesterday that happened closer to home here in Florida. Headachey? Well, yeah. It’s going from 60 to 20 in a matter of hours, and by Saturday it’s supposed to be 70 again.

But habits are broken when you consciously work on changing your actions. I purposefully make sure I grab water when I get to work because I don’t want to get bored and mindlessly snack. I purposefully make sure that I eat breakfast in the morning to help ward off cravings for junk food during the day. I purposefully make sure I have coffee k-cups and tea bags at my desk so I can drink that instead of grabbing for a soda. I purposefully try to make conscious decisions on my choices because I know once I go into brainless food ordering things like this happen.

I am hoping I get back into a healthy diet and healthy habits soon. I want to brainlessly order a salad and green tea 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Old habits are hard to break!

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    I understand every word of this. Old habits rock me to my core, and they are tough to overcome. I wrote a similar post the other day. Tis the season to fight the old habits that rear back during the holidays.

    We got this!

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