Let’s get this party started….

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got caught up doing other things and well, here it is now. Today (Monday) is the start to my ramped up fitness and training routine to get my focus on for a good, solid Gate River Run in March. It’s also a plan to get me back into the shape I want to be, where I feel most comfortable in my own skin and confident in my body.

And it was hard to get out there after taking so much time off. Which in reality wasn’t that much time at all. But I still had issues.

It’s literally back to the drawing board for me.

While I am sticking as close to my abridged Hal Higdon 15k training program as I can, I am also throwing in some races in there where I can. I’m registered for the Best Damn Race Jacksonville virtual, there’s a half marathon in February I might be jumping on, and a plethora of other races that could easily be added to my plan. But I’m sticking to the plan as closely as I can otherwise.

Here’s what week one looks like:


I think the toughest part… well, there are two tough parts. One is getting up early enough in the morning to get all of this done before work. If I do that, I can let Brian work out in the evenings and start working on dinner right when I get home (Which if I did my food prep wouldn’t be an issue) and two… Well, I need to fit in bridges somewhere. I’m thinking my Thursday morning runs will just be over the bridges (or mainly the Acosta Bridge) so to give myself some space between that and my long runs on Sundays. I’ll test it out and see what I can find out.

Speaking of food prep: Today is Monday and I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday and get food prep done then. BUT – I’m learning that it might just be easier for me to do it on Mondays. Being at home allows me to work out, cook, write and read. All things I want to make a habit this year. Also, there are a lot of personal things we are working on… like updating and renovating the condo, purging possessions that are unnecessary, and really deep cleaning this place. It’s only smart that I do it on Mondays.

Right now I have a London Broil in the toaster oven. Later this evening, I plan on making some hard boiled eggs for breakfasts. I have some sweet Italian sausages thawing and a tempted to cook them and throw them into some Jambalaya mix I have from Zataran’s which is actually not that terrible if you stick to one service and pair it with a salad. I want to use up some of the foods we already have in the condo so not to have food go to waste.

What’s on your plate for this week?

2 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started….

  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) says:

    Looks like you have a great plan for making things happen. FWIW, I’m awful at food prep, too. Unfortunately, this week is going to be full of beige foods so nothing interesting happening here.

    Little man went back to school today, so basically, I just need to sit around and pack and dwell on Sunday’s race. And then, finally, my life can start again!

    Best of luck!

  2. littlemoreeachday says:

    Definitely take advantage of Monday if it is less stressful to do the prep work then. If it’s less of a chore, it’s always easier to get that stuff done (says someone who forgets to meal prep way too often!). 🙂 Good luck with training!

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