Year In Review: Retrospect and Coffee

I feel like every time December rolls around, I complain about how awful the year has been. I don’t know if it has always been a habit of mine, or something I picked up from the people around me. It didn’t hit me that I was doing such a thing until a conversation I had with my (new mommy) friend Nicole over text message. It went like this:

Nicole: Hey one of my runner firneds posted the other day how many miles she ran this year. I know you post like monthly goals or how far you ran in a month. But it was really cool to see how much she ran over a year. Are you able to do that?
IRG: Yeah. I log my runs via DailyMile and they have charts that can show your mileage and feeling, distance, time, the whole gamut. I wish I could say I was proud of my fitness year, but I failed all my goals.
Nicole: That’s crazy. You just expect a lot of yourself which is great. Never a failure. Don’t think like that. Look at your yearly mileage regardless of what the goal was. I bet it was a pretty incredible number.

I told her I would, that I was out and about having lunch with another friend and running errands but that I would text her the information later that day. We then chatted about how she was a new mommy and life and the like. But that last comment triggered my newly found self reflective self (calling the redundancy department) and I found myself wondering how the year really went for my physically. I mean, sure: I didn’t lose any of the weight I wanted to. In fact, I put on some weight this year. I wasn’t consistent in any of my training programs like I wanted to be, and wasn’t able to stick to any of the challenges that I signed up for. My diet was out of control, my stress was skyrocketing to a dangerously high level, and I just felt all around worthless.

1535078_10152615694065857_8664855337986136195_nBut then, later that evening, I logged onto DailyMile and found my mileage. This is the rest of the conversation:

IRG: Total miles in 2014 to date is 462.08 (before this weekends half)
Most miles:
March: 57
October: 56
November: 55
February: 54
Nicole: So you’ll be really close to 500 miles! That’s a ton!
IRG: Yeah. Not too bad.
Nicole: That’s farther than going to Tampa and back!
IRG: Is it really? I didn’t realize that.
Nicole: Sarasota really would be a more accurate mileage count. So you ran to Sarasota and back in a year πŸ™‚
IRG: When you put it that way it’s pretty incredible.
Nicole: I don’t even want to drive that far lol. And you ran that far. That’s pretty awesome.
IRG: Yeah, I guess it is. πŸ™‚

Then I started thinking more about the things I did accomplish this year. I ran 5 half marathons this year. I was able to run my 10 miler in 2 hours. I’ve been able to work my pace per mile down to the 12 minute range this year. I’ve rediscovered yoga, squats, planks, and fitness DVDs. And I ran to Sarasota and back, essentially. And, which is most important of all, I’ve rediscovered my focus and my determination.


I didn’t read a book a month like I had planned to. I didn’t participate in many of the virtual runs like I wanted to, and I didn’t keep up this blog as much as I had planned. There was something weighing me down, causing me to find less joy in the things I originally adored. I was constantly angry, and frustrated, and tired. Running and blogging became a chore – and then… a breakthrough.

Now, I feel like 2015 is going to be my year.

10352899_840425742636883_609909583141988837_nI’ll post my goals and my plans for next year sometime next week, when I am on vacation and completely gutting my office so I can make it usable again. I’ll share with you my motivation/focus board, my goals, my challenges, and my race plans. And I hope you will do the same with me.

For now, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, a wonderful Hanukkah, and are making plans to have an incredible (and safe) New Year! I’m leaving work early on a Friday and am going to get a cup of coffee and reflect more on my crazy 2014.


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