Half Marathon, with a side of Half Marathon

Big week this week, and I can honestly say I’m SO EXCITED! It’s going to be a tough one, but totally worth the semi-training and time put in.

A half marathon on Thursday, and a half marathon on Sunday.

Crazy? I was crazy once….

30f696ae-78be-401a-b5d9-22ee5fa7fcfaSuburu Half Marathon – This one is quickly becoming a family tradition. I first ran it 4 years ago and have made every one of them since then. My sister started joining me a few years ago, and now it’s something we do every Thanksgiving.

The Suburu Half Marathon and 10k is a race that is held here in Jacksonville and goes through the Mandarin area. It’s always covered by trees and goes through neighborhoods that are really pretty to look at. There are a lot of water stops along the way and people are always dressed up in fun Thanksgiving themed costumes. One year an entire colony of Indians ran the 10k and crossed the finish line together. Thankfully I was able to witness it because that year I ran the 10k too.

Last year when I ran this race, it was a few months after my surgery. I had to go super slow and be extra patient despite wanting to go go go. Now, a year and some later and with some half way training involved, I feel like I could really do a decent job. I’m going to force myself to go slow anyway because the Space Coast is days away and that’s the one I have a time goal for.

Heather is joining me to run the Suburu again this year, and she says I  might be the one dragging HER across the finish line, but truth be told – I do need to keep this pace light. I really don’t want to go over 12:15 pace so I can keep my legs ready for Space Coast. After the finish of this race, we are heading over to my parents place for Thanksgiving Lunch and wine with family and friends.


Space Coast Half Marathon – This is the important one, to me. The shuttle medal, the training, the route is good… it’s an easy race to PR at. Last year I finished it just under 3 hours. One of my slowest paces ever, but again – I was also just about 3 months post surgery and needed to take it easy. I also had like ZERO training. This year? Even my half ass’d training will get me closer to my goal time.

It’s going to start hella early, and it’s going to be chilly. I am going to be wearing my amazing purple and green alien costume: a purple and green tutu lined with a purple boa, a sash from black and purple ribbon, and hair things that blink on a head band. I’m planning on doing some bad ass make up with it too. And if I stick around long enough, I’m going to enter the costume contest! (A friend said I should put “Na-nu na-nu” on my shirt as homage to Robin. I might do that)

This race is always a lot of fun. Each water station is space themed and they are always dressed in costume. The route is fun: it’s out and back which tends to be boring, but with everyone you are running with and the awesome costumes and water stops it doesn’t feel so boring. And the end of the race part is pretty bad ass: pancakes and pizza, soda and beer, water and samples of all kinds of things delicious. Plus, along with your medal you get a beach towel wrapped around you.

And this year’s medals are pretty on point: 8abaf2e25320b2c2edca083a577d7a7a-3b5b5cc9246da65496b58ffc82fdb95aI mean seriously!! How bad ass does that look? (the half will say half marathon where marathon is, and in blue ink.) We always have a good time at this race.

So – you could say I’m running a full marathon with a 3 day rest between each half if you wanted. I’m just excited to run two of my favorite races this week. Then – I’m on vacation! Huzzah!


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