It’s A Food Thing: Back on the Bandwagon

I’ve been feeling awful lately. Granted, I’m coming off of a wicked stomach thing (food poisoning? 24 hour bug?) and migraines (which is a completely different post, but WTF head!? I had SURGERY to stop this!!) so of course my body is kind of rebelling against anything and everything I am doing. BUT – It’s more than that.

It’s got a lot to do with the foods and drinks I’m partaking in, and I know that.

I always feel my best when I eat right, and limit my crap intake. And while I love Amber – I’ve noticed that since she’s in in town and crashing at my place, our food and diet habits went out the window. Is it her fault? No, not at all. But as she puts it, it’s the “shiny new toy” syndrome that is most likely causing us to not do what we need to do. Throw in my ever revolving work schedule (seriously, can I not get one week that’s NORMAL!?) and our ever growing social calendar, things just fall by the wayside.

I’m tired of that, and am ready to feel better and that starts with my diet.

A6N8YDSo that means less crap, more real food. Lots more fruits and veggies. Lean meats, fish, and hummus as my protein. All the gluten free I can tolerate.

I just spent $150 on groceries yesterday. Partially because we had no food in the house. Okay, no REAL food. But also because we hadn’t gone shopping in a few weeks. And what did I buy? Steak, fish, and sausage. Apples. Tons of fresh veggies like corn, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes and squash. A head of garlic. Two different kinds of hummus. Corn chips and the simply cheetos (hey, they were on sale) Greek Yogurt because yes please.

I got some junk too. I got frozen pizzas for dinner last night (and tried a pretty amazing gluten free one for myself. it’s NOT thin crust!!) and buffalo chicken dip. But that was because we were enjoying a last night of crap eating. I needed coffee creamer, dish soap, and prego pasta sauce was on sale. (I have a closet full of pasta, including GF pasta.) A few other odds and ends and then I was on my way home.

As I unloaded the groceries into my fridge, I kind of felt good. This was back to our “normal” eating habits. It’s how we usually ate before we got side tracked with all the craziness that is going on. Tonight I plan on making Tilapia for myself and the Bourbon Salmon for Amber and Dreamboat. Maybe cut up some potatoes and broccoli to roast with some delicious garlic and olive oil.

And after my vacation to Cancun – it’s going to be go time. Gate River Run 2015. I want my 1:45!


4 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Back on the Bandwagon

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    I feel like I could have wrote this. My migraines are out of control (I haven’t had surgery, yet), my weight is the highest it’s ever been, and the crap I’ve been putting in my body isn’t helping. *breathe* Tomorrow is a new day and we can begin again. Back to basics we go!

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