Winter Running: What are YOU wearing?

runningcoldSo for much of the states, winter is officially upon us. As I sit at my desk in Florida, I see that so many parts of the country are already under snow. It’s something I don’t have the ability to understand – AT ALL – given that I moved down to Florida when I was 9 years old and have been here ever since. The only time I’ve been out of Florida and experienced snow since I moved here was when I had to attend my grandfather’s funeral.

That being said – when I’m asked “What do you wear on cold runs in winter?” my answer is very, very different depending on where you live, and where the snow is. For me, I don’t know how to run in the snow. I can only assume how to run in the snow based on what I see in the Idiots Running Club Facebook page.

This is a great reference for what to wear when it’s cold, based on where you are at. Runner’s World does a great job breaking it down based on location, and includes links to things that you can purchase online to help prepare you for the winter running you are certain to be doing. I mean, you ARE running this winter, right?

As for me? Here’s what I wear when I run in the winter.



I layer. I layer up because I run hot normally, and I want the ability to strip stuff off as needed and still be warm enough to not freeze to death when the cold air hits my sweaty clothes.

I always start with a ribbed knit tank, like this one from Old Navy. Half of mine are actually from Aeropostale because my sister works there and gives me the hook up, but the rest are from Old Navy. The stretchy tanks are perfect for running in. Then, I layer with a long sleeved top. My old ones are from Khol’s and look kind of like these. Then, I throw on a runner’s jacket. I like this one from Old Navy, and this one on Khol’s website. In fact, IĀ  might buy that one from Old Navy.

And to be honest – I really want THIS from Khol’s. For no reason because well look at it!

As for bottoms, I prefer to wear tights and if it’s REALLY cold, some yoga pants. These are the kind of yoga pants I have. Slim pants with a boot cut. I also have these. There is something about the fold over that feels good when it’s freezing. As for tights, I have hand me down tights. They are mens tights too. BUT I want to buy these and these when I get some spare cash.

Then, I layer up my socks. Why? Because I always wear knee high socks when I run in the cold. I will put on my knee high socks on first, and then slip on my typical running socks. I actually own these and I own these. I own these too. I own a lot of knee high socks, and half of them don’t really fit over my giant calves. But I own them. šŸ™‚ And the tightness is awesome for cold running without the cost of compression sleeves. (Although I will most likely have to get a pair of those, sock wise, to help support my ankle.)

As for head gear – I am usually seen running in fun, funky hats. Like this sock monkey hat. Or many other hats that match that sock monkey hat that I bought from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I am going to purchase two or three of these because my ears get cold A LOT on my runs, and I sometimes hate wearing a hat. Hey, sometimes it bugs my head.

I also own a pair of gloves like these, but need real running gloves for cold weather. If I am running a race and I need a pair of throw away gloves, I hit up my local dollar store and invest in those. At a dollar, I don’t mind tossing them.

Snow photo. For you.

Snow photo. For you.

And that’s mostly it! I don’t run outside if it hits below 30 degrees because last time I did, I got bronchitis and it was miserable. You may notice that I posted a lot of links from Old Navy… that’s because I usually buy tons of my running gear from there or Target. Why? Because the prices are reasonable, and if it lasts a season, then perfect! At Target, I get their champion brand pants/shorts and compression sports bras.

What’s some of your favorite winter gear? Share the links in the comments! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Winter Running: What are YOU wearing?

  1. Anna says:

    I learned a trick about gloves last year from some other runner. Attach a safety pin to the cuff and you can quickly and easily attach them to your clothes so that when you get to warm to run in them, you can attach them to your pants/short/skirt and run hands free.
    I’ve got to remember what all I wear running in the winter. It’s been a while since it was cold. Also I’ve lost some more weight since last winter, thus some of my insulation may need to be replaced with artificial means. I may actually start running with a hat this winter, most of the time last year I needed the heat to have somewhere to escape.

    Thanks for posting!

    • jljohnson says:

      Dude. The safety pin idea? Brilliant. I would have never thought of that. šŸ™‚ I usually don’t wear gloves to run but when I realized that they could second as a snot rag, I was all about it because I snot a lot. šŸ˜€ (TMI? My apologies.)

      And I’m kick starting my 15k training when I get back from vacation in December so I am hoping to really drop some weight after vacation. I’ve been half assing things lately (My own fault) but I am ready to kick it into high gear! šŸ™‚

      • Anna says:

        Yes, I have to have a snot rag for winter runs. Nothing like cold air to get the juices flowing, though my dad thinks it’s completely gross. I’ve been the same way, especially with my eating habits. Aiming to maintain through the holidays and kickstart the new year off right.

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