Thankful for November


Halloween is over, the costumes are tossed to the floor and discarded candy wrappers are scattered around. That can only mean one thing. November, the month where being thankful is key, has officially arrived.

I have a lot of plans for November. And a lot of them are fitness related, both physically and mentally. After the emotional break down I had last month due to just too much damn stress (of which, I’m certain I’m not free from) I feel like a serious change needs to start.

First, a recap:

– Stick to the damn plan!! – mostly done. I missed some days due to stress, exhaustion, and head pain. But I did most of the work listed.

– 110 miles this month (a challenge from Paul McRae here in Jax) – I ended October with 64 miles, which is the most miles in one month that I have done this year. I’m completely okay with that! November will be different! 🙂

– MFP this month. No excuses! – FAIL. I hate logging food! It makes me sad when I go over calories. So I didn’t do this. I fail at MFP. (I did, however, get my work outs posted to MFP automatically so that kinda helped. 

– No more gluten foods, no matter how stressed I get. – Mostly done. I’m slowly learning how some things have gluten even when I assume they don’t. I have to do more research on what “gluten” is and what it isn’t. For example – tTwizzlers They have flour in them. So my one or two tTwizzlerswith the other producers? Self sabotage. 

– Cook more, so I can prepack meals more – Mostly done. I did a good job cooking, albeit nothing really new and creative. Now that it’s getting cooler out, I see lots of crock pot meals in my future. It could be fun! I hope to find some super healthy and hearty meals I can throw in the crock pot int he AM and then have dinner ready when I get home.

– Breakfast , every day. – half done. I’ll go with half way made. I ate breakfast on the regular about half of the month. I’ll do better next month. 

–  HALF MARATHON MONTH! Stick to the plan!
– 110 miles this month (share them on the November run group on FB too!)
– Minimal gluten foods
– Cook more, experiment on some new meal ideas (HELLO…. PINTEREST!)
– Breakfast , every day.
– Tweet/Instagram one thing I’m thankful for every day this month
– Meditation: 2 minutes daily. Start small.
– Yoga every Monday. Need to stretch

What’s your November goals? What relaxation or de-stress activities do you think I should try?


2 thoughts on “Thankful for November

  1. Piper's Run says:

    Sounds like you have a great month ahead! I’ve set six goals for myself: run, make better meals, declutter, play outside with my girls, time with my husband (he’s away a lot) and change up my workouts.

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