Sometimes life catches up with you…

I missed my 9 miler yesterday, and to be honest with you… I don’t feel bad about it. I slept for 17 hours after getting home from work on Saturday due to sheer exhaustion. AND – I got a migraine in the middle of all of that mess. It was my body’s way of telling me “Hey, Idiot! You need to slow down for a bit and catch up on some rest. How’s now sound?”


It’s not like I had any plans. Well, Dreamboat had plans. A group of friends were getting together to hang out, and I said if he wanted to go we could…and he said we’ll see how I feel. We were getting ready to go and a snarky comment under his breath from him to my “nothing is wrong” answer to his question caused me to snap at him and start crying. This, after we bickered about whether to go or not. I cried for a while, crawled back into bed, and no lie – less than an hour later, I was asleep again. I was apparently out so hard and needed the rest so badly that Dreamboat had to sleep in the guest bedroom because I took up the entire bed and wouldn’t move when he tried to move me.


I woke up the next morning to a cold bed and a sinking heart. I knew Dreamboat was disappointed in me about the night before, but I wasn’t sure specifically why. (For the record, he won’t tell me either. He just says ‘it’s not important’ and that irritates me) But I woke up feeling a little bit better: my head was still somewhat achy, I was still kinda tired and lethargic, I was still overly emotional which happens when I don’t feel good… but I was better than Saturday.

But I wasn’t so much better that I thought 9 miles was the plan for the day.

I met my Mom and my friend Dawn to go to the Southern Women’s Show on Sunday. (I bet THAT is what he is annoyed at. I couldn’t go out with friends but I could go to the show?! I can almost hear it in my head.) It was a giant convention that was geared toward women. You get to see some of the latest fashions, jewelry, and girlie stuff. It was something I did with my Mom every year, and I really didn’t want to miss it. Both Mom and Dawn knew that I wasn’t feeling good so we took it slow and easy. Dreamboat and Ryan, Dawn’s husband and B’s best friend, hung out while we were doing girl stuff.

Dawn told me that I looked really pale and then I got my hair flat ironed. I tried to smile.

Dawn told me that I looked really pale and then I got my hair flat ironed. I tried to smile.


After the show, we met the guys at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ryan was watching the Jags/Browns game, and Brian was getting the NASCAR race on the screen as well. We hung out there and ate and had fun. I did water, they did beer. I just wasn’t feeling up to doing anything more. So, when we went home it was back to the couch for me instead of lacing up to go run.

Is it going to ruin the 110 miles in October goal? Absolutely. Oh, well.

Today, I was up early, despite really wanting to sleep in. Which is irritating. Very irritating. I knew I should go run this morning to get it done and out of the way (I have 4 on the schedule right now) but I don’t feel like running. I feel like resting. So, instead, I’m going to run later this evening when I go over to my parent’s house to take care of Mutt Mutt (aka Hocus!) while they are out of town. I have to do some laundry that we missed while I’m over there, and my running gear is in that.

So why not go walk Hocus, then go run 4 miles, then come back and throw it all in the washing machine, then make dinner? Done deal.

The moral of the story is this – listen to your body. Seriously. Brian said that he’s seen me do this every 4-6 months. I get really emotional and tired, and I just black out for a few days and then I’m good for a few more months. This time, though, I’m still tired and emotional and grouchy and could go for a few more days of rest. I’m no where near better yet, and it’s because of the all work and no play thing I got going on. But I’m getting there.

So listen to your body, take naps, eat right, and exercise. Correctly. Yeah.


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