Hey, Jamie! Where ya been?

Well, hello there! How has everyone been? I seem to have disappeared for a little while and to be honest, it was kind of nice to do so. I’ve been running so hard lately (both figuratively and literally) that I just needed some time away.

After the Michael Dunn trial finally finished, I took some time off. I had a friend in town who I was eager to visit with, I was beyond exhausted, and I just really needed some downtime to get my focus back together. And while I felt like a good chunk of this vacation was go go go go go… It was also nice to not worry about things for a while.

But now I’m forcing myself to get back into the swing of things, and see to making some changes in my world while I am at it.

I slept on my vacation. A lot. There was a few times there where I slept for 10 plus hours. And it felt wonderful. You never realize how tired you are until you are at home, sitting on the couch, and suddenly you are asleep at 8:30pm on a random evening. It felt good to catch up on some sleep and made me realize just how important sleep is to my “get healthy” plan. Did you know that the average hours of sleep a person needs varies with each person? It’s true. While Dreamboat has this innate ability to go work a full day on just 4 hours sleep, I need at minimum 6-8 each night. Any less than that, and I want to punch babies or something. I get really grouchy. So mandatory sleep times need to happen. If I go to bed late, then I need to sleep in a bit. Simple as that.

We ate out a lot on vacation. Unusual for me. Dreamboat and I usually eat out once MAYBE twice a week, and it’s usually when we are out with friends. But with Amber here, we went out to eat a lot more than that. She wanted to hit a bunch of her favorite restaurants before taking off for work again, and Dreamboat and I were all but eager to oblige really. She loves Tijuanna Flatts and has a hard on for FroYo. We hit Ale House, Istanbul Grille, YourPie, and many others. But don’t think we didn’t pay the price for some of those unhealthy meals. Numerous times both Amber and I were moaning and groaning about how much our stomach hurt us. So when she is back in December – the rule is two meals out a week. The rest of the time, we cook. Or Jamie cookies and the other two eat. Or Brian cooks. Whatever. Either way, eating healthy is easier when you cook your own food, and chances are we will hurt less in the long run. (HOWEVER – If you are in Jax, you need to go check out the new menu at Kickbacks. That green bean salad? AMAZING)

I didn’t run as much as I wanted, and that bummed me out some. BUT – I walked A LOT so that made up for it. When we went to St. Augustine for a day, we walked over 5 miles and it was splendid. Amber and I had Tuesday together, and we went to the beach and walked. She took me to Chamberlin’s Book Mine, and it’s HUGE and we walked. We took our time and got our workouts in when we could. I am currently sitting at 16.5/110 miles for the month, but I’ll make up the ones I am missing easily. Just add the miles to the other days I am running and call it done. Amber said it perfectly “I’m not stopping you from running” and she wasn’t, but I felt guilty going to bed early so I could go run in the morning, knowing she would be sleeping in because she liked to stay up later. It will be different next time.

Jame Natural LifeToday, I’m getting ready to go back to work. I’m doing a thousand loads of laundry (three sets of sheets, towels, clothes, running gear… how much crap can three people accumulate!?) and spent some time at the Natural Life grand opening. I got some fun stuff. A magnet that is a peace sign, some new headbands, some patches for my gear, new headphones, and a few freebies thrown in. There was a sign there that if we instagram’d ourselves under it, and tagged Natural LIfe Jax we got a freebie. I got some awesome earrings for doing it, but really – it was the message behind the sign that made me smile. And made me focus on better things, than being stressed out.

Once I walked out of Natural Life with my awesome new items, I realized just how close LUSH was. This is going to mean trouble. I went over and got a few new bath bombs, one I plan on using tonight. Had to do a few work things, but I am hopefully going to get some people trained to help me out from time to time because it’s just too much work for one person.

And right now, right this very second – I have the Deep Focus Spotify playlist playing, and the sound of the washing machine in the background. It’s still in my condo for the first time in who knows how long, and I’m unsure how much I actually like that. Later tonight, I’ll take a bath and give myself a pedicure. I’ll finish up the laundry, and then wake up early tomorrow to run 4 miles to start making up for the few that I missed while Amber was here. Then I’ll go to work, with the knowledge that I am only human and can only do as much as I can.

Stress is a killer. It really can kill ya. But if we can find ways to be a little less stressed, we are already beating the battle. I don’t want to get so exhausted and strung out again. So that means it’s time for some serious meditation and music to boot.


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